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Thursday, June 18, 2015

South Carolina Church Murder..And America Marches On!

"His Dad gave him a 45 Semi-automatic for his birthday?" Really?

Since time doesn't permit with vacation occupying every minute, I'll just post this piece about the latest example of "PRIVILEGE" and the predatory nature of some who call themselves American.  

America the Beautiful!

Charleston Shooter Reportedly Told Victims ‘You’re Raping Our Women,’ ‘Taking Over Our Country’

The at-large shooter who killed 9 people in a traditionally African-American Charleston church reportedly told the victims they were “raping our women” and “taking over our country.” 
The quote was tweeted out by a Emmy-winning reporter for the Dallas-Fort Worth local NBC affiliate, who claims to have interviewed a family member of one of the victims.
Eric King 

- Reports: shooter said,"You rape our women and are taking over our country & you have to go."Report coming on @NBCDFW
6:59 AM - 18 Jun 2015
Eric King
@ #BREAKING - Witness says #Charleston shooter reloaded 5 times. @NBCDFW #CharlestonShooting
7:04 AM - 18 Jun 2015

MD @MDretweets @EricKingNBC5 @NBCDFW who else is reporting this quote? Where did it come from?
 Eric King 

@MDretweets @NBCDFW from a survivor explaining to family member of a victim. interview coming up.
7:39 AM - 18 Jun 2015

The interview has yet to air, but if true, it would certainly back up law enforcement’s decision to treat the shooting as a hate crime.

[Image via Charleston Police Department]

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