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Friday, June 19, 2015

South Carolina Governor Delivers An Emotional Comment On Carolina Killing

Is there a person in the nation that fails to recognize that our social politics and social paradigms have metastasized into rampant authoritarian abuse form law enforcement and race based killings? I have no hesitancy in easily or readily finding our current social decay in conservative dogma and southern strategy politics. Of course, the vast majority of conservatives abhor such violence and killings as do other Americans. But, let's be honest in the reality killings such as at the Charleston AME church are not perpetrated by people who embraced social progressivism and liberalism. People who wear Swastikas and Apartheid emblems do not generally attend DNC or Democratic party meetings.   

How about approaching in this manner? While we will not go so far to say all Conservatives are racist and affiliate with the GOP, we feel very comfortable with the reality overt racist do not affiliate with the Left. And, that only leads to one camp of horror and it sits on the social and political Right. If the reality s unnerving, we on the Left cannot in any way assuage your social dilemma. If the reality doesn't bother you, well what does that say about your social paradigm?

The Governor of the "GREAT" State of South Carolina (Confederate State Flag and all) spoke about the latest example of US conservatism gone rotten.

We do not seek to diminish the emotions from the South Carolina Governor. Yet, there is an undercurrent of thought about why the state continues to fly a flag that is so deeply rooted as a symbol of hatred.


.... the senseless killing doesn't awaken the nation to fallacy and danger of GOP politics regarding failure to at least attempt to get a handle on rampant gun ownership (I am a multiple firearm owner).


......the party does not seek to adopt and associating e to some degree of diversity and work to dilute its 92% white members.  


..... the party and conservative America doe snot recognize the ills in their ways....the nation will eventually sighs with a collective..."And, then they came for me."

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