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Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Rick Perry And The Obama Economy.....Jobs Anyone?

The only GOP (declared) candidate for the party's nomination who has mentioned the US economy over the past six years was the sweaty and ill advised Rick "Oooops" Perry. Undeclared candidates such as Jeb "His Own Man" Bush, Bobby (Lost In Space) Jindal, and Chris (Running from the law) Perry have forayed into other perceived areas of Obama weakness, but even they have avoided any mention of the US economy. Moreover , Fox News strategically avoids mention of the US economy.

Now, why would Rick Perry;s team go there and do so the day before the May Jobs Report was released? We wonder if Perry is getting his news from The Drudge Report and Tucker Carlson's The Daily Currant.

Fox News should also notice GOP Elected official and the RNC are avoiding this data as if it was an equal rights Amendment or a tax hike.

The US Employment Participation Rate still languishes at a much lower than acceptable rate.

BLS dot gov
The following is a nice piece of work via friend of the TPI Rob McDonald. The graphic directly address those who are naive or gullible enough to turn the US economy en masse over to the GOP.

 Ron McDonald

We wonder about Rick "Oops" Perry.


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