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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Voice of Humanity: The World Has Become More Divided and Less Peaceful

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The Voice of Humanity (VoH) continues its unique and commendable work regarding world peace. An organization founded in 2009 provides continuous analysis and comment regarding issues that impact or affect the world in which we live. 

VoH has published its 2015 Global Peace Index (pdf) and the United States landed 94th on an interactive map that shows a ranking pinnacle of close to 150 countries. Iceland ranked Number One on the VoH peace Index. 

The 2015 is accompanied by an interactive map and video (posted below)

Researchers at the Institute for Economics and Peace have taken it upon themselves to answer one of the world’s most important questions… how peaceful is the world? The results might surprise you…
19 Jun 2015
The world is slightly less peaceful now than it was in 2008, according to the latest Global Peace Index. The research shows that overall peace has remained steady over the last year, however we can see a growing divide between the most and least peaceful countries.
Many countries in Europe, the world’s most peaceful region, have reached historically high levels of peace. In fact, 15 of the world’s 20 most peaceful countries are in Europe, including the most peaceful: Iceland. There are three main reasons behind this increase in Europe’s peace are: a reduction in the number of homicides, a decrease in the amount of military expenditure and the withdrawal of NATO-led forces from Iraq and Afghanistan.
In contrast, countries that have ranked at the bottom of the Index in recent years, including IraqSyriaNigeriaSouth Sudan and the Central African Republic all became increasingly more violent. Libya recorded the biggest deterioration in peace over the last year, falling to rank 149th of 162 countries.Ukraine, which suffered over 6,000 deaths from conflict and had over 1 million people displaced, recorded the second largest fall.
So if we go back to the question at hand we can see that the world has become slightly less peaceful, but more importantly, it is becoming increasingly divided.
To find out more, explore the Global Peace Index interactive map and download the 2015 Report

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