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Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: O'Reilly Feeds His Viewers Mockery Of The Homeless

Image result for o reilly watters worldO'Reilly reaches to the bottom of the gutter to entertain his viewers!

I have long stated a basic tenant and reality of operating a business. The business owner via their management team must give the customer desirable products or services that facilitates repeated purchases. If the business fails to give the customer what it wants, the business will fail.

Fox Networks owner and his Roger Ailes broadcast consortium is a prime example of feeding customers such that the customer returns for more. Apparently, viewers of the network fit the profile of conservative predominately baby boomer (and high end millennial ) white males (and their wives) who are easily influenced by propagandizing anti-progressive producers and enticing hosts.

O'Reilly has broadcast a segment that may have appealed to his viewers, but has induced a rash of comment about the shamefulness of the segment. First, let's remind of how Fox News entertains its loyal viewers.  I posit the homeless segment is more of the same.


Chief Bloviator

Chief Demagoguery and Network hit woman

Early Morning Bottom feeders

And, the ever present "skin" show and the intentional skirt hike.

Image result for fox news legs feet  

Giving its customers (viewers) what they wants. And, yes, Fox has millions of viewers who regularly tune-in for its brand of entertainment. 

Journalism Dot Org
As Megyn Kelly once commented in the aftermath of the "White Santa; white Jesus remarks; "The powerful Fox News Network...." Aha yes, an indication of how the Fox Business Model instills (induces and nurtures) loyalty while spewing conservative dogma.

Imagery matters. Bill Or;Reilly as chief Bloviator and most watched Fox News entertainer, employs a hit man par excellence who man practices his trade under the moniker of "Watters World." Watters most recent foray into feeding O'Reilly viewers has drawn attention. Apparently, the less than sensitive and absence of empathy O'Reilly point person took his dogma to unnecessary mockery of people who have nothing and live moment to moment.    He went after a story of New York City homeless and he spared no concern for humane reporting while opting for unabashed mockery and shameful exhibition.

Give it a watch, if you dare....It is being reported as "shameful."

Keep this Vox Dot Com chart in mind as you view the O'Reilly mockery of the homeless.

Vox piece

Will Fox News and its viewers ever aspire to a symbiotically humane broadcast and viewing relationship?


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