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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Anonymous on Sandra Bland's Death (Food For Thought)

Anonymous on Sandra Bland.....

Re-post from an Anon site...

We are not saying we wholesale buy into the posted piece (in total), but we have no reason to believe law enforcement (in total) also.

What we do know is Sandra Bland was not one to bow her head and sit in subservient submission with cops. Three days in a jail cell, with associated contacts with cops......well, how many opportunities to strike out, name call or simply antagonize. we have seen how cops react when riled.

If you run across video posted of cops abusing people in custody, it is not a stretch to imagine what could take place with a "prisoner" who is rambunctious. (see links below)


Anonymous Says Sandra Bland Was Murdered And Here’s Why…

Linked Twitter and other source info

Abuse links:

Chattanooga, TN.

Riker's Island, NY

Three cops beat woman in jail cell:

Duluth, MN. Cop beats wheel oudn an in detox cell.

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