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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Conservatives Fghting: Latino Conservatives In One Corner White Conservatives As Opponents

And, the battle prize...Trumps Latino attack. Interestingly, there was no such battle from Latino conservative TV personalities as the GOP and its top ideology leadership consistently attacked black people since President Obama took office in 2009.

It seems Donald Trump is exposing a fire within the GOP that has sat cloaked and hidden since Kevin Phillips (Richard Nixon operative) and Lee Atwater (Ronald Reagan operative) handed the GOP a strategy guaranteed to win elections. Problem is the GOP Southern Strategy doesn't fold into a basket after elections The sanctioning of racism and bigotry via top GOP officials basically authorized America to go racial, it is OK.

All systems go, until Donald Trump stepped on Latinos worldwide with his racist generalization and attacks against Mexico. We now have conservative pundits and paid mouth pieces fighting other conservatives who happen to be white conservatives.  And, it is most entertaining. 
Fox News conservatives go at each other over "Sensationalizing" and fact distortion.
"What right-wing pundit is giving you your crap?"
Now watch another set of conservatives battle replete who more shouts and disrespect for each other spout of view. The battle winner....pundit Navarro .."Shuts The Front Door" against her opponent.
This is amazing. CNN's Ana Navarro *completely* shuts down a conservative white guy lecturing her about whether she's Latina:

Oklahoma shows why it is not a place for a progressive mind. I can only imagine most in the state literally every member of Oklahoma's professional basketball team. 

What you are about to reading is very basically "NOT OK", yet very much GOP.

Think Progress Economy

The Oklahoma Republican Party’s Deeply Offensive Facebook Post
In a Facebook post published Monday night, the Oklahoma GOP suggested that the millions of Americans receiving food stamps this year should not be enrolled in the program because “the animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.”oklahoma gopCREDIT: FACEBOOK
Opponents of maintaining state and federal funding for social safety net programs have a long history of making comparisons between government beneficiaries and animals, which is widely considered to be a racially coded insult.

There is no possible check on GOP insensitivity, callousness and cloaked bigotry.  Reince Priebus, where is your "lobotomy?" 

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