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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Charleston Shooter Update: Dylann Roof's sister On A Scavenger Hunt? Possibly!

I am posting a piece from Freakout Nation that I hope is not factual. I strongly suspect the story is laden with veracity as Freakout Nation is known for credible "opinionated" news with comment. Why do I hope the story is not accurate?

First, the story relates to a GoFundMe story from the sister of the killer of nine prayer worshipers in South Carolina. Next, and if true, the utter gall of the sister to even go there Is unfathomable. One would think the couple would find other means to leverage the killer celebrity in the family.  Of course, the story could be celebrity folklore with no basis in fact.

A quick search of Go Fund Me did not yield information related to the following article. Nor, could I find validation of internet rumors regrading a huge fund on behalf of the Charleston Nine killer: Dylann Roof.

Your choice to decide and opine.

UPDATE: ThinkProgress
Think Progress settled that one, eh?

Freak Out Nation
Dylann Roof's sister set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for her wedding and honeymoon after a planned June ceremony had to be cancelled in the wake of the massacre. Amber Roof, the sister of the white supremacist who slaughtered nine people in a historic African American church in Charleston, South Carolina, is asking for…
End Freakout Nation post

Wonkette has joined in publishing on the new Internet welfare site: Go Fund Me.

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