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Friday, July 17, 2015

Emotional Intelligence: Little Understood And Undervalued

I often speak of Emotional intelligence in human beings. If people would better rampage their psyches via better understanding and control of emotions we would live in a much better place.

After the infographic and verbiage, I offer the perfect example of one who should work to better control his emotions. If the person takes to Twitter, post a tweet and shortly thereafter deleted the tweet, the person succumbed to a state of soiled emotions and acted-out. 

Emotional Intelligence Isn't Being Nice To People

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is not a means to manipulation. Emotional Intelligence is a key for its user to create positive movement in the work force, at home, and just about anywhere else one might find interaction. EI is characterized by the awareness, control, and expression of one’s emotions while simultaneously acting in a judicial and empathetic manner towards others. 
In this infographic created by Business Insider, the reader will find 4 components of emotional intelligence: perceiving emotion, using emotions to help one think, understanding emotions, and managing emotions.

One must first have the capacity to be aware of themselves. Regardless of the severity of the current situation, one must be able to put themselves on pause, understand what they are feeling, and then act. Psychologist Dana Joseph tells us in this infographic that emotions are the breadcrumbs we can use to find what is truly important in the matter. You must take yourself and the other person into account to determine the cause and effect of the emotions being evaluated. Most importantly if one can manage emotions, one can effectively manage themselves and others. 
We don’t live in a vacuum. We can all benefit from strengthening our EI. Granted some professions lay in the fields where it would be most useful understanding people. If you feel like you are lacking, remember that practice makes perfect and that time is on your side. Emotional Intelligence will help you control yourself and your life–just don’t use it to control others.
End Inforgraphic and associated verbiage. 

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