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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hatred Of A President For One Reason Only

We realize you have seen the Hardball segment in which Chris Matthews took extreme exception to Florida Senator Marco Rubio's classless remark about the nation's 44th President and the first African-American President in US History.   As along as life, I have yet to recall references to a US president as "no class." Even Bill Clinton's marital indiscretion, Ronald Reagan's arms sales to Iran, nor Richard Nixon's Watergate Scandal garnered such a disparaging label. 

As Matthews stated, Rubio's remarks were a clear "dog whistle" with racial subliminal messaging.  

"No Class" Marco Rubio on the absolute worse news program on television: Fox and Friends.
“You know, that’s a slur against the man…He’s been immaculate in the presidency. Nobody has accused him of any corruption. He’s done everything right. He worked hard in school. He got into the good schools. He got to be head of Harvard [Law] Review, in a blind test to get in, it had nothing to do with minority or affirmative action, none of that. He got all the way through, and instead of going and grubbing the money on Wall Street, he went out to people and helped his community… His kids are perfect. His wife is perfect. He’s done everything that these right-wing white conservatives say we’re supposed to be in this country. He’s done everything right. And this sleazy comment, that he has no class. What does that mean?! I’d love to get him under sodium pentothal and say, ‘Buster, what do you mean by no class?! What do you mean by that?!’ And find out what he does mean. It’s a cheap slur that works with the cheap seats in the Republican Party. You know it does. It doesn’t mean anything, he has plenty of class.”

It seems some Americans are tiring of the onslaught of anti-Obama crap. "Crap" is into a word we use loosely; it is glaringly apropos in depicting the silliness as we move towards the final year of the Obama Administration. If the disgruntled veteran wished to stage a protest he should probably have chosen a venue guaranteed to harbor similar sympathies.
Vets take down protester and sign at Obama event.
He should also have chosen an issue that didn't look as such.

Before the 2012 Benghzai attacks.


Maybe the veteran should have taken exception to the president's birth location vs Benghazi at venue full of fellow veterans.

In early 2015, Forward Progressive published a piece written by a resident to Texas. We offer a snippet form the piece embodies the nucleus of what can only be described as hatred of a president simply based on the man. All data (from vacations through the 2015 US economy refutes every word in  the except you are about to read. 

“I hate President Obama. Completely against him,” she said. This prompted me to simply ask, “Why?” Upon reading her answer, I instantly regretted my decision to venture into this discussion. Here was her answer: I think Obama is a lazy horrible excuse for a president. He’s playing golf while our citizens are being killed..he holds a press conference for some thug who got shot Bc he assaulted a police officer, yet I don’t see any press conference about Christians being slaughtered, or Jews being killed for anti-Semitic reasons. He’s a schmuck and the ONLY reason that he was elected the first time was bc he’s black, and either black people voted for him or white people didn’t wanna seem racist. And the reason he’s still president is bc of voter fraud. I’d LOVE to see them require id’s for votes, bc I guarantee he wouldn’t still be around.
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Slaughter of Christians? The only slaughter of Christians in the past few years perpetrated by a Right-wing withe supremacists in a European country.

Lest we forget!

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