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Monday, July 20, 2015

Martin O'Malley, Milt Shook and Please Cut The Crap And "Black Lives"

"White Lives Matter." Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley in response to black protests at an event in Phoenix, Arizona.  " lives matter, white lives matter, every life matters."

A noble and fair thought followed by a poignant statement? If police abuse of white and black Americans was administered equally, the statement is most apropos.  Equal abuse outside of the black community, is a bridge too far. O'Malley's statement actually stands as comment from a person who is oblivious to the reality of cop abuse against Africa-Americans. Yet, the pseudo-progressive politician resorted to an insensitive phrase that hit my grey matter comparable to comment from Bill O'Reilly or Megyn Kelly of Fox News. All lives certainly matter, but all lives are not being taken by authorities paid to enforce our laws.

Donna Brazile, CNN and Jake Tapper on O'Malley's statement. 

An interesting and accurate perspective. 

O'Malley's misstep is a classic example of how pseudo-progressives harbor some of the same "cop abuse indifference" endemic in many white Americans."  The reality is the reality of white privilege.  

Noted progressive author and Obama Administration archivist/historian Milt Shook, published a piece earlier today which to the verb nails O'Malley's deep indifference and that of many across the nation. 

Why #BlackLivesMatter Can't be Diluted, White People

I can't believe I have to say this again. I mean, I've already explained "white privilege," primarily because too many white people (and yes, I include a lot of white liberals in this group, I'm sad to say) think they know everything and never take the time to actually listen to what black people have to…

End PCTC Blog....

O'Malley has apologized for his choice of phraseology. As I stated above, I believe O'Malleys heart was in the right place, but his heart does not supersede the power of his brain regarding frank words that denote a core of indifference. We also shouldn't overlook the reality of O'Malley appearing visibly angry about the protest interruption. While my perception of the protest lay in questioning the choice of protest venue, if we cannot find progressive politicians who also abhor "black abuse by cop", black disinterest in the Democrat Party is our future. Republicans often criticize Democrats for using the black vote to win elections while  ignoring social issues that affect the black community.  

When O'Malley and other liberals/progressives ignore the horrors of "black abuse by cop" they run the risk drive the black vote away form the Democrat donkey.

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