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Friday, July 10, 2015

Obama Accomplishments As Past Fodder For MSNBC Hardball's Ratings

Obama will be no one's Lame Duck. And, for Mr. Chris Matthews, Obama has led!

In October 2014, I was sitting in front of the LCD monitoring watching MSNBC's Hardball, Chris Matthews, My viewing of the cable network was to a much lesser degree than in past years for a few reasons.

First, Phil griffins order to "de-Left winging" his network was to put it mildly disconcerting and extremely disappointing. despite the apparent business case for moving Right or moderating its left Lean, the decision was one of great heartburn What has come of the network has validated the indigestion and led to far less viewing MSNBC.

In compliance with the "de-lefting," evening show (flagship) hosts are to the person broadcasting segments that are as akin to reality TV silliness. From Sharpton's frequent music entertainment segments, through O'Donnell's way too lengthy laments about "The Simpson's  staffing issues. Yet, nothing in the de-lefting equals Chris Matthews obvious sucking to moderate, blue-dog, and conservative viewers.

Matthew's obvious affinity for Rand Paul was the first sign of "need to stop watching" for me.  If you doubt my chagrin with Matthews, why would Breitbart News run a segment in which Matthews jumps to the defense of Paul?  Also of note, why is Matthews the only MSNBC host with whom Paul will share a camera and questions? During Paul's revelations of plagiarism and serials copying of speech text and written word of others, Matthews was noticeably absent in criticism. As Matthews finished an interview with Paul, I distinctly recall words to the effect their thought process were like to the point of scary (paraphrased).  It is impossible for the MSNBC host not have full knowledge of Paul's background regarding civil rights legislation, his serial plagiarism, and his admission of using "Mis-information" for personal gain. Paul is vying for the GO nomination isn't it possible he would frequently adorn what I call Paul "The Chamelon" act?

Image used to denote changing position to suit the listen. Not intended to denote looks or psychical similarity.
To solidify my point, I recall a news headline during at least one period of Nielsen ratings, that read Hardball ranked higher than The Rachel Maddow Show. Of course, the period ranking was a flash ranking, but a true indication of how Matthews's appeal to conservatives can carry a degree of corporate value.

Note: Matthews as he played to his pseudo liberal, Libertarian and moderately conservative audience.
CHRIS MATTHEWS: Do you think Obama is ready to change in his last two years and become a real chief executive, not just a really good speech giver, or an inspirational leader, but actually accept the job of running the U.S. government? Is he ready to take that job on every day, 24/7, I'm the guy running this place? Is he ready to do that?
When Matthews clones conservative short term thinking and to think with regard to flighty ratings based reporting, he falls to the level of zero credibility.   

The transcript of the linked segment did not include Matthews's giggling through a question of "Is anything going right for this administration." The short answer should have been, "we are not fighting ISIS with boots on the ground and we are far from suffering through a recession." Alas, no panelist spoke-out, but then they were not programmed to speak as such.

Matthews was obviously playing to conservatives among his viewers. He may have also taken a slap at POTUS based on his obvious contempt for Obama's lack of showing (what Matthews considers) force against ISIS. He occasionally performs on air protestations that surely warmed the hearts of conservative viewers. Warming the heart of conservatives without question helps Hardball's ratings, but leads to watchful and suspicious eye targeted on Matthews.

As a supposed journalist that I would refer to as a television news personality (pundit) who from time to time writes sales focused books. I am reticent to use the words historian regarding Matthew's books, as I am not certain the works contain sufficient historic passages for archiving as pieces of history.

While the quasi-progressive Matthews offers direct hits against US conservatism from time to time he should carefully review the president's full terms in office before chuckling through a segment that was so conservative focused Reince Priebus must have blessed the script. 

A few months after the slam Obama segment the state of the Union provided a direct affront to Matthew's pandering to the Right. Obama's 'go-foward' agenda was clearly delineated and the president has follow-through on just about all points and initiatives.

How can one consider Matthews pandering to the Right any differently than pandering if the person considers the Obama 2015 SOTU Address?

Business Insider published an intriguing graphic that delineates the craftiness and focus of the resident.

Well, little wonder the Congressional members on the Right rarely stood for applause!  If Matthews was of a state of mind to support more robust waging of war against ISIS, including boots on the ground, he may have left the SOTU less than excited. In fairness, I actually recall Matthews commenting about the robust scope of the 2015 SOTU.

If you did not clink the link above and sit through the full address with enhanced charts, the following CNN SOTU Address points are relevant showing we cannot expect a (golfing) lame duck president over the course of Obama's remaining months and years. 

2015 SOTU Key Points
2015 State Of The Union Points

Implementation of a minimum tax for 
multinational companies, which would 
fund additional tax breaks for companies 
that create jobs in or move them to the 
United States. Even bigger breaks for 
high-tech companies, and financing help 
for manufacturers locating in economically 
hard-hit areas.
• The creation of a China task force to 
monitor trade violations. Aggressive 
inspections to intercept "counterfeit or 
unsafe goods" from foreign countries.
• Support for partnerships between 
companies and community colleges to 
train workers for new careers, all coordinated 
through a single government program.
• Rewards for effective schools, coupled
with encouragement to follow their own
curricula and methods. State laws that
require students to stay in school until
graduation or age 18. Extend college tuition
tax credit and double the number of work-study
jobs over the next five years.
• Beefed-up border protection, combined
with a law to create a path for undocumented
immigrant students to become legal U.S. citizens.

• Support for partnerships between 
companies and community colleges to 
train workers for new careers, all coordinated 
through a single government program.
• Reduction of red tape that delays or 
halts infrastructure construction projects,
funded by money no longer being spent 
on wars
• Support for a mortgage refinancing program 
for all "responsible" homeowners, funded by 
"a small fee" on large financial institutions.
• Establishment of a financial crimes unit of 
investigators to crack down on large-scale 
fraud and protect investors, and a second 
unit to investigate abusive lending practices 
and institutional gambling on risky mortgages.
• Establishment of a financial crimes unit of 
investigators to crack down on large-scale 
fraud and protect investors, and a second 
unit to investigate abusive lending practices 
and institutional gambling on risky mortgages.
• A ban on "insider training" by members 
of Congress, and limits on elected officials' 
investments in companies they regulate. 
Lobby reform. Simple majority vote within 
90 days on judicial and public service 
• Reform of the tax code that includes the 
so-called Buffett rule, a minimum 30% tax 
rate for individuals whose income exceeds 
$1 million. No tax increases for anyone 
earning less than $250,000.
• A request for authority to streamline
the federal executive branch.

• Continuing international pressure on 
Iran to scrap its nuclear weapons program.

• Maintenance of a strong military while 
cutting the budget by nearly $500 billion. 
Legislation to protect against cyber-terrorism.

• Passage of tax credits for companies that 
hire veterans. Creation of a Veterans Jobs 
Corps to help cities hire former military personnel.

Since taking office in 2008, the president's record in accomplishing SOTU initiatives and proposals is good.  The Wall Street Journal archives a report card of progress towards SOTU speech proposals. The graphic is linked here and is a great quick view item. 

While we do not yet have a report card of Obama;s progress form his 2015 SOTU. We should also keep in mind Obama has worked thorough an impressive list of accomplishments without any degree of assistance, support or legislative practice from the GOP and Blue Dog Democrats.

Our work on this screed was not per se to attack or disparage Chris Matthews. The MSNBC host is a committed progressive and often tackles tough issues with full frontal attacks (on conservative pundits and politicians). He, however, sees to broadcast segments with intent that seems counter productive to all things liberal or progressive. The segment linked and embed above is a perfect example of our point. We knwo that Phil Griffin, has ordered a "de-Lefting" of his cable news network. 

Since we understand business, and the fact conservatives and Independents spend far more time soaking-up cable network entertainers cloaked as journalist, we understand the need for Griffin to seek more lucrative revenue opportunities. We simply ask for Griffin and others to stand tall from their yachts and private jets to accept responsibility when via their corporate edicts help to hand the nation back to the the GOP in 2016.

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