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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Social Security: Your Lifeline (The GOP will Take It Away)

Jeff Carlson, friend of the TPI and Social Security


I have talked about this many times.

First they Lie to get elected.

Next they focus on what they want to Privatize.

They cut the funds to what they want to Privatize so they cannot function.

They hit the Sunday Talk to the Republicans shows talking about this department is not functioning but they have the answer PRIVATIZE.

Once Privatized it is to late the Criminals have taken over another portion of what should be the American peoples. What we get is the Oligarchs owning everything and we the People will be at their mercy.

They are doing this to not only Social Security, you can bet they are working on all the Department under Control of the HOUSE (Medicare, Education, FDA, EPA, IRS and for Sure the Consumer Protection Agency).

Republicans are setting up a Fascist Government that cannot function if we have programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Veteran Hospitals. Under republican rule all must be destroyed.

Open your eyes folks the Fascist Right are close to ending a Free America.



The first one will be on Social is the Link:

Please listen in -- lots of great info

Jeff 2015

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