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Monday, July 13, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: David Frum Attacks Serena Williams With "Steroids"

The top conservative who has issues with Serena 
Williams as Wimbledon Champion. 
Did he tweet "steroids?" Does he work for 
The Atlantic? Will The media give him a "pass?" 

A few days ago we published a TPI Morning Gazette with an insert regarding David Frum's, former Bush speech writer, comments about Serena Williams 'on steroids."  We will explore Frum's comments in a bit.  First, let's set the stage for Frum's minutes of fame, albeit reluctant minutes. 

Serena Williams won her 6th Wimbledon Tennis Championship over this past weekend. The win also garnered the distinction of 21 Grand Slam Championships.  I believe there is only one woman tennis champion who has won more Wimbledon Championships. Many reacted to Ms. Williams victory with great applum, will some reacted as usual when she wins tournaments: with vile racism.

Herewith, is a illustration of one response to Williams.
No words can describe the feeling I have right now. Wow this happened?? It happened in my… 
Richie @DickLongYo@serenawilliams @WTA Serena the gorilla won again pfff, grunts like one, looks like, is one. 1:16 PM - 11 Jul 2015
By way of reminder, the posted comment is mild compared to other comments leveled at the gleeful champion.  Frankly, we have grown to expect such reactions when some athletes excel to the point of aggravating those who harbor deep rooted biases.  I stopped shy of use of the words "bigotry and racism" for a reason. Often, we find conservatives who manage to mask their "biases", up to a point.  can you imagine Donald Trump as a seething opportunist racist, until Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States. Trumps birther-ism was as rooted in racism as his obvious disdain for the African-American in the Oval Office. What about the gall of a former George W. Bush speech writer choice to express his utter contempt with Serena Williams' Wimbledon victory via a vile Twitter attack?

Before we go further a question. Why are we seeing and reading so many vile Tweets from the Right? Is the the nascent social media outlet providing a platform for their alter-egos? Or, has Twitter become the conservative interstate highway for manifestation their inner core values.

David Frum posted a tweet shortly after Serena won Wimbledon, and promptly took the Tweet down. An effort to cover clean-up both poor judgment and the loss of one's emotional intelligence? Or, simply spineless in not standing up for his inner choice to demonstrate his inner thought?  

The Atlantic's David Frum via a previous TPI post. If you prefer not to visit the linked piece, Frum's original Tweet is posted just below the embed. 
Former George W. Bush's speech writer Tweets about Serena Williams and quickly deletes the Tweet.  What we have here is an extreme case of poor judgment, coupled with clear racial animus and salted with a lack of backbone. If one is to pursue such vile pursuits why not live with their actions.  
Ye of poor judgment and no backbone 

Image: David Frum (Flickr Creative Commons)

Former George W. Bush speechwriter tweets — then deletes — theory that Serena Williams is taking steroids— Raw Story (@RawStory) July 12, 2015
Frum via Twitter...
Steroids? Oh no, no, no. “Body image issues.” 
The New York Times
Tennis’s Top Women Balance Body Image With Ambition
Issues over self-acceptance among female tennis players persist, compelling many of them to avoid bulking up.

Frum's attack did not stop with his invasion of the character of the world's top woman Tennis professional. The seething and obviously angst filled conservative went farther into the Williams family. The linked Think Progress piece a must read deep perspective into Frum's inner psyche. 

Top Conservative Pundit Suggests That Serena Williams Won Wimbledon By Cheating 

Think Progress

In another deleted tweet, Frum appeared to speculate that her sister, Venus Williams, was not as successful because she stopped using steroids:
Venus Williams was diagnosed a few years ago with Sjögren’s Syndrome, “a little-known autoimmune disorder that causes fatigue and joint pain.” She is currently ranked 14th in the world.
Rather than state the obvious or posit more on Frum's obvious displeasure with an American winning at Wimbledon, we will let the piece settle into your psyche and lead to any conclusion you wish.

Your final assessment and conclusion could be revealing so be careful. 

Twitter Update. Donald Trump is battling the Mexican crime lord Guzman family and Frum is attacking the Williams sisters. Do you think these conservatives need Twitter Advisers?  


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