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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Donald Trump MSNBC Interview (28 Minutes Lost in Time)

If you want to see how the circus or carnival barker performs, each the following Trump interview with MSNBC's Katy Tur.

Why would any nation want to have a personality such as Trump's as a prospect for the US Presidency?

The interview runs 28 plus minutes with long periods of Trump spewing rambling oratory. If you watch the segment, know that Trump goes testy and cantankerous with the interviewer who was nothing shy of professional and even tempered. He wasn't being drilled by the likes of Tamron Hall, Maddow, or O'Donnell. He also wasn't sitting for a cocktail discussion with the over-thinking and over-talking Chris Hayes. 

Despite Tur's professionalism and a deferential temperament, mp went ugly a few times in the interview. He even offered up a kudos to Fox News for their glowing and supportive coverage of all things Trump. On MSNBC air-time!

Frankly, I could not watch the full interview. Here it is , if you actually care: linked.

Trump also sat with CNN's Anderson Cooper. One point from Cooper's interview is worthy of note. Trump proclaims "...everyone loves me?"

If you think about Trump's proclamation, you will find insight into his egomaniac insanity. One should wonder why he has instantly risen to the top of the GOP candidate herd (all 17).  Speaks volumes about the GOP base.

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