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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump's Twitter Account ... A Good Add To The Carnival

...An Intern did it!

The following ignominious handling of a Twitter account points to yet another case of Trump out of control.

The piece is a Mediaite post that required a but of re copying and posting for full visibility. 


Donald Trump Tweets Patriotic Image of His Face with Nazi Soldiers
by Alex Griswold | 3:27 pm, July 14th, 2015

There is no way this lede paragraph can improve on the headline: Donald Trump accidentally tweeted a patriotic image of his face that included Nazi soldiers instead of American ones.

The lead soldier with the camo uniform in the now-deleted tweet is very obviously wearing a Waffen-SS uniform. For those who skipped history class, the SS were basically the worst kind of Nazis there were.

Notice the late-war Waffen-SS "dot" camo tunic, with SS eagle on left arm as in the Trump pic


UPDATE (3:54 PM EST): CNN’s MJ Lee reports that the Trump campaign claims “an intern accidentally posted questionable photo” and apologized. Meanwhile Mother Jones managed to track down the original image used in Trump’s tweet, and confirmed that the soldiers are Nazis:

Donald Trump just tweeted a campaign ad featuring Nazi uniforms on an American flag
Update 2, Tuesday 3:46pm ET: This GIF, by our own Ivylise Simones, is perfect:

GIF: Ivylise Simones
Update 3, Tuesday 4:00pm ET: The Trump campaign says an intern did it:

Trump campaign responds: An intern did it.
[Image via screengrab]

While we certainly appreciate the humor, we wonder if it isn't time for Reince Priebus to take away Donald Trump's Twitter toy (ACCOUNT).

Mother Jones late afternoon update. The bizarre story of the (alleged) slippery fingered unattentive Intern with slippery fingers.

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