I am so tired of this Hitler crap, it is time for a check of the reality compared to their sick equivalences.

Still, no nation carried sterilization as far as Hitler's Germany. The forced sterilizations began in January 1934, and altogether an estimated 300,000 to 400,000 people were sterilized under the law. A diagnosis of "feeblemindedness" provided the grounds in the majority of cases, followed by schizophrenia and epilepsy. The usual method of sterilization was vasectomy and ligation of ovarian tubes of women. Irradiation (x-rays or radium) was used in a small number of cases. Several thousand people died as a result of the operations, women disproportionately because of the greater risks of tubal ligation.

In all, between 200,000 and 250,000 mentally and physically handicapped persons were murdered from 1939 to 1945 under the T-4 and other "euthanasia" programs. The magnitude of these crimes and the extent to which they prefigured the "Final Solution" continue to be studied. Further, in an age of genetic engineering and renewed controversy over mercy killings of the incurably ill, ethical and moral issues of concern to physicians, scientists, and lay persons alike remain vital.

No one knows how many homosexual men were killed by the Nazis before and during the war. But let us look at some figures.

First, on the home front. The number of homosexual men (non-military) convicted under Paragraph 175 and sent to prison were:
835 in 1933
948 in 1934
about 3700 in 1935
5321 in 1936
8721 in 1937
8115 in 1938
7614 in 1939
3773 in 1940
3735 in 1941
2678 in 1942
996 in the first quarter of 1943
There are no civilian records for the remainder of 1943, nor for the years 1944 and 1945. To this — a total of nearly 50,000 — should be added a significant proportion of the 56,000 people subjected to "sterilizaton."

Like the Jews, the Roma Gypsies were chosen for total annihilation solely because of their race.

Even though Jews are defined by religion, Hitler saw the Jewish people as a race that he believed needed to be completely annihilated. Likewise, the Roma Gypsies were a nomadic people that were persecuted throughout history. Both groups were denied certain privileges in many European countries. The Germans believed both the Jews and the Gypsies were racially inferior and degenerate and therefore worthless.

The Gypsies were also moved into special areas set up by the Nazis and half a million of them - representing almost the entire Eastern European Gypsy population - was wiped out during the Holocaust

The Nazis set up a secret group, Commission Number 3, to organize the sterilization of these offspring to keep intact the purity of the Aryan race. In 1937, all local authorities in Germany were to submit a list of all the children of African descent. Then, these children were taken from their homes or schools without parental permission and put before the commission. Once a child was decided to be of Black descent, the child was taken immediately to a hospital and sterilized. About 400 children were medically sterilized many times without their parents' knowledge.

Spurred on by Joseph Goebbels, Nazis used the death of vom Rath as an excuse to conduct the first State-run pogrom against Jews. Ninety Jews were killed, 500 synagogues were burned and most Jewish shops had their windows smashed. The first mass arrest of Jews also occurred as over 25,000 men were hauled off to concentration camps. As a kind of cynical joke, the Nazis then fined the Jews 1 Billion Reichsmarks for the destruction which the Nazis themselves had caused during Kristallnacht.
On April 30, 1945, surrounded by the Soviet Army in Berlin, Adolf Hitler committed suicide and his Reich soon collapsed. By now, most of Europe's Jews had been killed. Four million had been gassed in the death camps while another two million had been shot dead or died in the ghettos. The victorious Allies; Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union, then began the daunting task of sorting through the carnage to determine exactly who was responsible. Seven months later, the Nuremberg War

Crime Trials began, with 22 surviving top Nazis charged with crimes against humanity.
As for the rest? I encourage you to watch the film, it is factually based.
It may be 70 years since the war came to an end and Huckabee and friends seem not to have a clue at what their rhetoric actually means, every-time they open their puerile mouths and compare our President to Hitler.
So you stood by a disused oven, may I remind you of what one actually looked like?
Just stop it.
For God's sake, just stop the madness.
Never forget.