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Friday, July 31, 2015

The New York Times Scandal, US Congressman, And An Email Scandal

When the false prophet performs a case of clairvoyance new professionals should pay attention.

O'Reilly laments that the standards of journalism

Deprecation without self-reflection and who would have thought prophetic regarding the New York Times. ''

Hillary Clinton Was Asked About Email 2 Years Ago - The ... 14, 2015  The New York Times 
Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept 2, 2105 The New York Times
Inquiry Sought in Hillary Clinton's Use of Email - The July 23, 2015 The New York Times

Embed in the July 23rd piece we find a clip of Clinton's position of email requests with reference committee Co-chair, Cummings, comments of reporting inaccuracies regarding what the GOP hopes is a nomination killing scandal.

Hillary Rodham Clinton responded to new accusations involving the private email account she used when she was secretary of state. Watch in Times Video »
Days later and on consecutive days, the Times posted corrections to the July 23 article. The corrections clearly point to the Time's failure in verifying information it received from what is being referred to as anonymous sources.   (Linked: to comply with NYT copyright notices, also linked : July 23, 2015 above)
Now let's go back to March 2015 and watch MSNBC's morning conservative crew attempt to corner David Brock, Media Matters founder, regarding the New York Times "story." Arch conservative Bob Woodward, even attempted to label the story "a good story."

After Brzezinski stated. "I am not sure what planet I am one," the interview came to a fairly non-productive end. But the segment was not broadcast for issues resolution talk. It was broadcast to do exactly what it accomplished, feeding the minds and psyches of MSNBC morning conservative viewers.

Brzezinski should probably seek more often to determine what planet "she is on."

The Independent Journal finished their online report as follows.
Brock said The New York Times was hoodwinked by the ‘dying’ Benghazi scandal, and that Congress wanted a ‘fishing expedition’ into Mrs. Clinton’s email:
“The New York Times got snookered by the Benghazi folks.”
Now jump forward to July 23rd and the current revelations of New York Times reporting as flawed and inaccurate. Why would an alleged storied print publication fail in its chartered mission to provide news and related information tot he public?  

Media Matters

Vox's Jonathan Allen Implicates Trey Gowdy In The NY Times Botched Clinton Emails Story

Vox's Jonathan Allen suggested that House Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy knew about the request to the Justice Department regarding Hillary Clinton's email practices "at least a day" before The New York Times published its botched story relying on anonymous sources that "had it wrong" according to "a top-ranking editor directly involved" with the report.
On July 23, the Times published a report headlined "Criminal Inquiry Sought In Clinton's Use Of Email" which stated that "[t]wo inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into whether Hillary Rodham Clinton mishandled sensitive government information on a private email account she used as secretary of state." The Times has since issued two corrections, acknowledging that the referral in question was not criminal and did not specifically request an investigation into Clinton herself. They have yet to correct the piece's remaining error to indicate that the referral was actually made by only one inspector general.
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While March Morning Joe segment and the eventually revelations about the New York Times being "snookered", appears as very different issues, we do not feel as such and we find the continuing efforts to derail Hillary Clinton's candidacy a typical GOP operative issues replete with potential leaks from "high government" officials who happen to be Republican.

Two final points. The issue of Clinton's use of a private emails server isn't an issue we will stand tall and argue in defense, as we feel she should not have maintained the serve at her home. We admit to reticence regarding Clinton's decision to store information outside of government computer systems. However, we note White House systems have recently suffered Russian hacks as well as a year long Chinese intrusion via the  into  OPM computer systems. Are US government computers systems actually more secure the the serve Clinton used?  We have no evidence it was hacked or violated via international adversaries. 

The last point. We hope someone will offer Mika Brzezinski an opportunity to "phone home" from that planet on which see seems to inhabit.

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