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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The TPI Morning Gazette: Cheney, Trump, Oklahoma Gov, GOP, Obama

 Non-Progressive News

US Presidents do not often visit the rope line at the White House.  Well,  President Obama shows he is not a typical US President. In a wold filled with stiff-neck fool elitist, a dose of "cool" is a welcome sight.

How did those make the Gazettte! Let's start again the lede items didn't work well.


When a state governor cannot even reflect on the structure of her state government for hints about the structure of the Federal Government, the party has an embarrassing problem.
Governor Mary Fallin needs a civics lesson.
Posted by Join the Coffee Party Movement on Saturday, July 11, 2015

Civics lesson over, now Governor Fallin how about some lessons in common sense. 

From Oklahoma to Texas!  Jade Helm! A military preparedness exercise that will span seven states has unleashed penultimate paranoia mixed with vestiges of sedition. 

What's in the water over there in Texas?
Posted by Ayn Rand collected Social Security on Saturday, July 11, 2015
Alex Jones InfoWars stakes its claim.  
Citizen Groups Prepared to Monitor Jade Helm
And, the Russian Times has even joined the mockery.  
When Moscow media mocks US insanity, we know conservative America has gone complete bonkers.

Extreme Right-wing AM radio demagogue Mark Savage spoke to his minion listeners about The Obama Administration announcement of US Army troop reductions. Of course, Savage didn't simply rail about the announced cuts with intellectually relevant criticism; he went AM Talk Radio.
Michael Savage: Veterans Should Form Militia To Fight Obama, Veterans should form militia fight obama
Just before the 2012 General Elections Exposing Religions Blog ran a comprehensive piece regarding Obama's leadership on behalf of our veterans. As your view the embed, as yourself, "Why would any veterans want to turn the force reductions into militia attacks against president?"  Also think about the audience to which Savage speaks.

There is a bit much in the embed, but the item is befitting the Obama's significant work o behalf of our vets.

Now, let's pose the question again, "Why would any veterans want to turn the force reductions into militia attacks against president?" 

Trumps projected huge 9,000 crowd doesn't quite pan out; approximately 4,000 showed. A hefty for certain, especially when one considers the scope of his message.

“Taking our Jobs” and “Killing Us”

Donald Trump in Phoenix: Mexicans are “Taking our Jobs” and “Killing Us”
Wait until the fact checkers analyze that speech.  When it comes to the nations number one carnival barker, always think in terms of facts.  "Taking our jobs?" 

Yes, fact checkers will devour Trumps speeches.

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