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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TPI Gazette: Perry, Fox News, Hssesslbeck, Guns In Theaters?, "Excuse me!"

Non-Progressive News...

Are we seeing peculiar mannerisms in Trump? Can you imagine a person with his behavior patterns interacting with anyone from the Oval Office?   "Excuse me!"

Fox News & Friends Hasselebeck follows the Fox News script and finds the arrest of Sandra Bland (with cigarette) acceptable. 
Remember that this is the same network that defended Cliven Bundy's supporters for pulling guns on cops...
Posted by Salon on Monday, July 27, 20
We have no need to posit about Hasselbeck beyond your read of the piece. Fox News has gone completely non-news while expanding its mission from promulgation of conservative ideology to purveyor of social oppression via unqualified sanctioning of potential (yet unproven or proven guilt) cop abuse. Arrest due to consumption of a cigarette?  

Take a close read of a piece posted on the Mediaite Facebook page and link to the social media website. I should probably add a qualifier: Linked to the conservative social mediate website. See if you identify my point in the first paragraph of the piece? If you did cannot find the point, you maybe a strong candidate for a form of social media deceptive inductive reasoning and susceptible to subliminal messaging. 

Trump appears o a Palin radio channel and falsely interweaves Palin as a suitable candidate for a cabinet position in the US Government. How better to attract the most feeble of the far Right

"Everybody loves her!"
Posted by Mediaite on Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Of course, you identified Mediaite message? If you missed the Message be very careful your sub-conscious is a powerful domain and it an lead your conscious through if not careful held in check. The message from Mediaite: "...the controversial future president....?

Is the Mediaite piece and early endorsement of the carnival barking and manipulative Trump?

TPI Gazette Special Section

Media Matters captured the latest in the endless run of  Fox News graphics to support proliferation of its communications and propaganda mission for the GOP. 

It's not a lie... if you believe it..


Caution: Images On Fox News May Be More Misleading Than They Appear

Fox thinks you can't do math.Posted by Media Matters for America on Monday, July 27, 2015
Can you do the math? N'est–ce pas?

In 2012,  Media Matters  offered a gallery of  Fox graphic deception.


Fox Graphic Claimed Unemployment Rate Stayed At 9 Percent In November 2011. Following breaking news that the unemployment rate had dropped from 9 to 8.6 percent in November 2011, Fox & Friends aired an on-screen graphic that read: "November Unemployment Rate: 9%":

[Fox News, Fox & Friends12/2/11, via Media Matters

In Reality, Unemployment Rate Had Decreased To 8.6 Percent. During the segment, co-host Gretchen Carlson accurately described the rate as having fallen "down to 8.6 percent from 9 percent," and the lower-screen text accurately noted: "Unemployment down to 8.6%." Nevertheless, Fox still aired its incorrect graphic. [Media Matters, 12/2/11]


Fox Graphic Claimed There Was No Difference Between An 8.6 And 9 Percent Unemployment Rate. A Fox graphic that purported to illustrate changes in the unemployment rate in 2011 made it seem as if the unemployment rate had remained steady in November 2011 at 8.6 percent from 9 percent the previous month:

[Fox News, America's Newsroom12/12/11,  Media Matters 
In Reality, Chart Had Grossly Distorted Scale To Give False Impression Of Unemployment Rate 11-Month History. The Fox graphic showed data that did not correspond to its own scale, putting the 8.6 percent unemployment rate in November 2011 higher on the chart than the March 8.8 percent rate, and at the same level as the 9 percent unemployment rate in October. The following chart clearly illustrates how Fox's chart was manipulated to hide the decrease in unemployment from October to November in 2011:
[Media Matters12/12/11
BLS Data Show That U.S. Economy Saw Sharp Drop In Unemployment Rate In 2011. A BLS chart mapped to a similar scale as Fox's graph shows that the unemployment rate sharply dropped in November 2011:


Fox News is the perfect has the perfect symbiotic relationship with its viewers. The networks gives the viewers what they want, the viewer provides unrivaled revenue opportunity and the circle is complete with Fox News influence on the US poli/social environment. As an acronym, I sum-up Fox as such: 

FOXPEN: Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network.

The ultimate victim of FOXPEN and its symbiotic minions, is the nation as network viewers become:  

End Special Section

A few days back Rick Perry was blasted by the GOP's nascent carnival barker as one who has adorned eyeglasses to defray his (alleged) lack of intellect "to make him look smart." If you have read any TPI pieces regarding Perry, you know we share the sentiment of a less than full deck of cognitive processes. We also feel the eyeglasses are a ploy to offer an appearance the cloaks 'intellect deficiency'.

It took a mere few days for Perry to completely valid or consistent posit about his intellect.  He would actually suggest offset theater mass murders by allowing (or encouraging) policies that facilitate weapon carry (conceal carry  of not) into movie theaters?  

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