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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

TPI Monring Gazette: US Flag, Trump'd, Lindsey Graham's Cell, CNN Panel, Mexico Border Fence

Non-Progressive News...

Let's start with dispelling a conservative lie that is spreading across social media. Even the conservative former Boston Red Sox Pitcher, Curt Schilling has disparaged President Obama with lies about lowering the US flag after Whitney Houston's death while moving slowly to lower the flag after the terror killing of five US servicemen.

Politifact performed an analysis of details related to the lowering to  the US Flag after Houston's drug induced death. The facts related to the lowering of the flag might surprise you. 
Outraged memes and headlines suggest President Barack Obama lowered the American flag to mourn Whitney Houston but did "nothing" for five servicemen slain in Chattanooga, Tenn. last week. Here's the storyPosted by PolitiFact on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

GOP silliness and shame of a disintegrating political party 

Lindsey Graham responds to the embarrassing wackiness and release of Graham's  cell phone number. How did Graham respond, you ask? He responded in the same way most respond to the antics of a neighborhood bully:  comical public destruction of his cell phone. 
Lindsey Graham shows the world how to destroy your phone after Donald J. Trump gives out your number...Posted by Mediaite on Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Why not comment about the lack of class and unacceptable lack of professionalism in outing the cell number of a US Senator?  If the bully is not directly confronted rest assured the bully does not learn the downside of her/his acts.  

Sandra Bland was found dead in a jail cell after after this arrest  three days prior.
PicMonkey Collage - Sandra Bland
NBC News 14 minute dashcam edit from a 52 minute video. 

Ms. Bland was pulled over for what is being reported as s failure to enact a lane change signal. What? I have seen cops enact a such turns without any regard for a turn signal.

Of course, CNN programs as usual with two guest to point-counterpoint aspects of the segment. It is truly unfortunate CNN is very adroit at booking what appears as white conservative former cops or defense attorney's to point counter point black guests (pundits, contributor etc). As you can imagine it makes for great reality TV with no serious concern about resolving the issue. While CNN careful books such segments, we must offer a degree of appreciation the network differs from Fox News' booking of (only) white guest for segments related to the black community. Well, Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera often offer color commentary (pun intended) to jostle with Bill O'Reilly, but their commentary is simply more opinion TV. Their role is to provide 'straight guy' opining to facilitate O'Reilly's finger pointing and tickle the psyches of his viewers.

CNNs Number 1 "cop behavior rationalize (r)" , Harry Houck, provided network viewers a fireworks segment as he was placed in the opposite corner of Marc Lamont Hill.]

harry houckedited

Give the segment a look and listen. "...'arrogant from the very beginning."

Arrogant? It seems Houck is of the mindset that African-Americans who speak out, question authority or who fail to complete demur to a cop at the care door, is arrogant. Moreover, why does the word arrogant so often find its way into discussion in which black people are core to the discussion?

Regardless of my suspicion over the year of "working in Harlem" Harry Houck has developed a clear case of white cop privilege. CNN should consider sprinkling other guest into his slots. Of course, CNN will ride with Houck as the "cop can do no wrong" pointing is exactly what the networks wants from that side of the interview segment.


Trump would build a wall and Trump is threatening to take his marbles and his little Army men and go "independent" candidate! 

That wall might cost billions, but of course Mexico will pay for the wall.  The railings of a carnival barker.

Trump visits Mexico border

The wall as a real prospect or carnival barking to get you into the tent?

Except from linked piece
"From a security standpoint, it really is not an intelligent solution," said Eric Olson, associate director of the Latin American program at the non-partisan Wilson Center.  
In fact, "it's ludicrous," Olson said of the idea, which has become a hallmark of Trump's campaign.  
Experts estimate that building and maintaining such a wall on the 1,954-mile border, which snakes along four huge states, would cost tens of billions of dollars. And the 21,000 border patrol agents currently on duty would be "nowhere near sufficient" to keep close surveillance on all of it, said Wayne Cornelius, director of University of California San Diego's Mexican migration field research program.

That for me translates into carnival barking from Trump.

Apparently among many conservative voters the carnival barking works.  Watch this one minute segment of a CNN Trump supporters panel of six (taking points spewers). We see and hear the standard "he is a business man", a reference to Presidents Obama's vacations, and other common Trumpisms.

Someone should tell the former Marine, the GOP does not wish to have the US economy as a talking point. Data refutes the "horrific US economy talk so much so the words are to be mentioned in 2015/16. The guy is an obvious Breitbart reader and Fox News viewer.

Did the one lady say "Vacation?"

December 2014 (a matter of the presidency)


August 2014 Congress? (and, in relation to Congress)

Since mot of the panel talk was mere  talking points with non substantive nor verifiable points, we will leave the panel as it sat: spewers of Trumpisms.   Oh, and if you believe even one of the paneled Trump'd Americans are undecided, Trump has land to sell you in the Everglades.

Trump third party run? No, take a look at the Huff PO image above.

Editor's choice

Bold move, Glenn Beck. Good luck.
Posted by Mediaite on Thursday, July 23, 2015

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