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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TPI Morning Gazette: Scott Walker,Bush, Clinton, Kochs, US Recession

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The following is how some in the nation look back on our recent past and extracts humor. George Bush apparently joined Bill Clinton at a Presidential Leadership forum. The on stage reality show like interaction were typical elitist performances from two men who directly contributed to driving the nation to the precipice of and economic abyss. Bush literally took the nation to a place it rarely visits, starting a war for the simple sake of starting a war.

The Bush stain on US History lingers and may only fade with decades into the 22nd Century. On a more myopic not recall his Administration literally outed an active CIA agenda (Valerie Plame) in retribution against her husband's (Joe Wilson) refusal to lie about Iraqi Uranium purchase in Niger. Another egregious mark in US History was the Bush's Vice President's former role as CEO of a corporation who received virtual no bid contracts for the majority of war services during the Iraq War (reported to have been worth $39 billion USD).

Bill Clinton? Let's say his legacy is evolving and to date we do not find any redeeming vestiges of his administration.  

Have we actually moved to a point of humor as we look back on these two former presidents? 

Scott Walker has declared and US politic just took a dive to a new low.
In 2011, Scott Walker won election as Governor of Wisconsin and some social media report with the direct support from the Koch bothers.

Exiled Online published an opinion piece with an info gram chart to illustrated how Koch money literally help to buy the state of Wisconsin governor's chair.

There’s a great graphic showing this process at work in Wisconsin, charting how the millions of dollars of Koch money that poured into the state to elect Scott Walker and other Koch-funded Republicans has led directly to the cutting of benefits for government employees and the Kochs getting access to state-owned energy infrastructure—which has apparently been the Kochs’ longtime goal. Unfortunately,  the flow chart left out one crucial step: that taxpayers are the initial source of Koch money, which would make the chart circular instead of linear.
In February 201, Scott Walked received a prank call from an effective "pone duper." The BEAST's Ian Murphy called Walker feigning a call from David Kocy, Ultra conservative Libertarian Wichita Oligarch, The essence of the prank call, trap the subservient and obliging Walker schmoozing with his money supporters desire to crush organized labor in Wisconsin. It should be noted Walker's ability to crush public sector unions was a clear and easy mission, and he performed well. If you have a few minutes refresh on how an oligarch (albeit fake) extracts subservience from groveling minion.

Walker at his most subservient.... audio only

Walker delivered....Washington Post 2014

Now, a peep at the most relevant set of data (illustrated) related to Walker's Koch sanctioned governorship: Job creation.

Of course, there we have more.  We must not forget that the unmarried post baby boomer woman, is a predominate Democrat vote. Walker the The good conservative!

Unite Women Dot Org
In June 2014, The Nation published a stunning piece regrading the Koch Millionaires Club and a related retreat.  The piece is a must read for anyone who will cast a vote for president in 2016 as it shines a revealing light on policy that drive Scott Walker via the Koch agenda. 

As is our practice, we offer a quick run through the Walker Gazette.
— Benjamin Moore Jr (@benjamintmoore) July 14, 2015 
The Gazette Rogue's Gallery

Conservative Media loves to offer the extent to which the post Bush Great Recession recovery has been slower than other recoveries. Intriguing and frankly a shallow 'dog whistle." 

America's recovery sine 2009 has been much slower than in previous recessions— The Economist (@TheEconomist) July 14, 2015
During the first Obama term, Bruce Krasting published the following very basic illustration regarding Recession and Recovery. 

A good illustration for us non Economics minds.

If we factor-in the full measure of past recessions, A case can be made the Bush recession was the most crippled and devastating recession since the Great Depression.

The chart doesn't remind of deep and severe jobs losses, a collapsed housing market and the reality middle Americans lost 80% of their wealth during the Bush Recession.  

The "expert" publications like the Economist also strategically avoid any mention of overt and utter obtuse obstruction to all things Obama. If we look close we may find Democrats worked with Republicans to rid the nation  of the Reagan Recession. 

Let's end with a reminder of the critical importance of your vote in 2016. If the nation doesn't reach to stifled and extinguish the central characters an ideology in the next post, we will never achieved social peace and a fair social environment for all Americans. Also recall "isms" herd in bunches. The people depicted in the piece without question harbor other "isms' that could reach directly into your family.

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