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Monday, July 6, 2015

Trump Turns His racism on Jeb Bush's Wife

Donald Trump' racism should surprise no one as he takes GOP racism to a level that is unfathomable. We thought Santorum, Akin and Romney made comments in 2012 the will go down in US History as horrific. Trump as matched their vitriol and "called" on other all GOP candidates to join him.

Trump's five year "birther" attacks on President Obama should have given notice to all (GOP or non-GOP) that he is only about Trump  and he is most assuredly a racist.

When a person couples their racist views with a penchant for saying what first comes t mind, you get this:

After being dropped by a major television network, after having his product line stripped from Macy's and after many protest statements from officials in Latin countries, the loquacious conservative continues his racist onslaughts.

Trumps goes after Jeb Bush's Latino wife!


Donald Trump Retweets Swipe at Jeb Bush over His Mexican Wife by Andrew Kirell | 11:06 am, July 6th, 2015

This man is currently placed second among all Republican presidential candidates in a national CNN/ORC poll:

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

Busted. Donald Trump deleted this tweet attacking Jeb Bush over his Mexican wife:
10:01 PM - 5 Jul 2015

Yep, that’s Donald Trump invoking (via supportive-by-default retweet) the fact that Jeb Bush is married to Mexican-born Columba Bush (née Garnica Gallo) as a reason the former Florida governor is known as sympathetic to the plight of undocumented immigrants and is seen as the Republican’s leading supporter of immigration reform.

Before this retweet, Bush had already publicly stated that he has taken Trump’s incendiary comments on Mexican immigrants personally.

It’s gonna be a fun long 2016.

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