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Thursday, July 9, 2015

White Privilege Brings Tears

Kudos to AddictingInfo for such an intriguing and educational piece.

Discussing White Privilege Brings These White People To Tears In New MTV Documentary (VIDEO)

AUTHOR JULY 8, 2015 8:51 PM

In all the talk about race and racism in this country, one thing that is often not talked about enough is white privilege — something very real and very prevalent throughout the entire nation.

White privilege can most easily be defined as the benefits people with white skin get over all other skin colors. Benefits that have nothing to do with ability, location, education, etc. — all the advantages that come along with being white that no one dare talk about, because what if they themselves will appear to be racist.

In a new documentary put out by MTV called “White People,” they ask a group young people “what it means to be young and white.” And while answering questions it can be noted that many of them seem to be making the discussion of white privilege all about themselves using a lot of “I” statements.
“I’m trying to be careful here.”
“I don’t want to offend people.”
“I feel like you guys are attacking me now.”
Albeit, those are just lines from the new official trailer put out by MTV, so the context could be lost, but what’s not lost is how many usually take being called “privileged” as an insult, because of course you don’t want to admit you’re better off than someone else — better off without even trying. However, what about the people on the other end of privilege? People who often get the shit end of the stick just for not being white. Maybe think about how all if this is affecting them and not just yourself. Which is exactly what MTV does in this documentary.

This social experiment set up by MTV is brilliant and much-needed, especially in a political climate that likes to shove race under the rug (ie. Republicans). It forces people to feel uncomfortable and face truths they ordinarily wouldn’t even see in their day-to-day lives — because, really, why would you if you’re on the benefiting side of the privilege.

Kudos to MTV for doing such a much-needed documentary, that’s not only beneficial to those involved with the project, but for everyone who will be viewing it at home.

Check out the trailer here:

Video/Featured image via YouTube

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