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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Berine Sanders Tweet Seems To Carry A Message

What follows shows the extent to which alleged progressive politics has taken on an air of "politics GOP." The following tweet shows there are people who support US progressivism who are willing to accept and share just about any post which either favors their potential candidate or disparages their candidate's opponent.

More important the following illustrates the value of expending a few moments in seeking information which accurately and properly feeds the brain. Also significant, the fact such "stuff" could be the direct result of Right-wing operatives funneling mis-information and lies across social media to divide the progressive mindset via candidate assassination.

If you think the GOP is beyond the dirty trick, you should do some reading regarding Richard Nixon and George W. Bush political operatives. The following an example of mis-information with a purpose. Our reason for posting has nothing to do with the person who tweeted the message. Our concern is the outright lie at the core of the message.
It is possible to have misread the headline above, but numerous sources have Bernie Sanders in the US Congress (House and Senate) a total of 18 years. He won his Senate Seat in 2006.  Maybe, the following information is inaccurate.



Below is an abbreviated outline of Sanders' academic, professional and political career:[7]
Current office
U.S. Senate, Vermont
In office
January 3, 2007-Present
Term ends
January 3, 2019
Years in position8
PredecessorJames M. Jeffords (R)
Base salary$174,000/year
Elections and appointments
Last electionNovember 6, 2012
Next generalNovember 6, 2018
Term limitsN/A
Prior offices
U.S. House of Representatives

GovTrak offers a much more detailed picture of the Senator from Vermont, including a scatter graph that shows his complete liberal lean. 

"Sanders legislative record for 26 years in Congress!"  

We call the headline as it is pure bunco and seemingly developed for people who read and assimilate without thought or questioning the illogical. The headline doesn't stand as possible to the rational mind. The rational person only has to watch Sanders for a few minutes to know the headline is a case of political subterfuge. 

The Political Guide has a spread of Sander's prolific legislative work during the 112th Congress alone.  

It seems the person who alleged enacted the  search approached the task with a clear motive.

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