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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

CNN Hired Who?

Jeffrey Lord
We know MSNBC has folded its tent under the pressure of poor executive decisions. Phil Griffin came to MSNBC and placed a stamp on the network that totally flopped. His opinion news model replete with talking head panels plus the networks liberal "lean" failed. The network is retrenching comparable to the retreat of Iraqi soldiers under the pressure of General Schwarzkopf's flanking ground strategy

If you for one second thought "Well I will just run-over to CNN' for 24/7 news coverage," you now face Zucker's clone Fox New strategy without the ugly far-right edge. You have run right into the spider's web, as CNN is far from politically and socially neutral.  In fact, CNN one advertised its neutral zone status between Fox News and MSNBC. Have you notice the word neutral is no longer in the CNN broadcast vernacular?

Actually the network is moving much farther to the political and social Right.  If you need evidence, try this on for size.

"This is CNN"

CNN just hired a man who calls for Obama to be impeached, says the KKK is a "leftist group," warns marriage equality...Posted by Media Matters for America on Tuesday, August 11, 2015
If you need more evidence spend a day watching CNN and count the number of conservative guests.

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