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Monday, August 24, 2015

Don't Invite SE Cupp On Your Show If You Are Above The Low Sling Camera Angle

...And will not challenge her drivel

If you are a regular reader of the TPI, you know of my total disdain for news and current events delivered with a prop that I call "The thighs couch" (example below).

Fox News is the mater outlet of "leg laced news, or flesh laced news", but we are finding CNN also deploys the below chair height or below table height moving camera. As you view the following 55 second YouTube video think about the actually utility of a camera angel that is almost one foot below the table height.

A few examples of the news model from the "the thighs couch" developer and master, Fox News, follows.  But first, allow me to develop the point of today's "skin" exhibition.  First, rest assured while the libido flashes are entertaining, the ultimate point has to do with the diminution of credible cable new coverage and its influence on delivering message detrimental to the nation.  

Bill Maher recently broadcast a segment about financial markets and our suffering under the umbrella of Walls Street's grip on the nation.  His guest pool included former Us Congressman Barney Frank, another unnamed guest, and the supreme dweeb, SE Cupp (former Fox News and CNN personality).  During the course of a quick segment in which Frank delivered a lengthy response about maintaining curbs on Wall Street or returning to the days of pre-Lehman Brothers collapse (and sub-prime lending), Cupp honed in with typical conservative talking head shallow and false claims. Watch the quick segment and if Frank's comment is a bit long for you, checkout the last seconds of his remarks and Cupp dweebism.  

There are no "smart Republicanism" on most political issues and there certainly are no Republicans who are supportive of the need for Wall Street reform.

How often do you watch or hear Right-wing assertions accompanied by the show host simply allowing the mouthpiece to spew garbage and move on tot he next segment? Or, better yet, how often do you see and hear these talking heads go unchallenged? Frank, challenged with one word: "WHO?"

Our point in what follows is in no way an blanket indictment of women who report news. Factually, you will to date we have not seen what follows on MSNBC. The current changes in MSNBC's broadcast model could lead to what follows; we hope it doesn't. The point is our continued speaking-out about the diminution of our information sources. A prospect that is particularly relevant since the vast majority of us get our news and current events form television. Moreover, most of that coverage reaches viewers from cable news.  

The AP (March 2014)

Question: Please tell me if you used each device or technology to get new in the last week, or if you did not.

Most Americans use many media devices for news

Question: Did you watch, read, or hear news from the following types of news reporting sources in the last week, or not?
With that in mind, take a look at the cable news beginning of one SE Cupp. 

Image result for se cupp legs  

Cupp could be cognitively brilliant with on-air opine that is stellar and relevant, but she damned well doesn't speak the talk.

Since, we are here, let's remind of teh Fox News attraction and how the message is often facilitated with distractions that may reach the brains; Cerebral Cortex (Parietal Lobe - involved in the reception and processing of sensory information from the body ) specifically the libido well before information reaches the cerebral cortex  Frontal Lobe - involved with decision-making, problem solving, and planning.)

The Roger Ailes Model that leads to an SE Cupp in a chair spewing inane assertions without an iota of substance.

Michelle Fields, Fox News contributor, 
and obvious If ya have em, flaunt em ratings

Appearing on Fox News as a paid contributor is a well paying gig, if you have the mental inclination and the physical attributes to drive ratings. Over the years we have learn to two very important points about Fox News and its appeal to its vastly white baby-boomer. 


Some of the pictured hosts and reporter are no longer employed by Fox News. Yet, the images leave a stark reminder of Roger Ailes Business Fox News business model. 

Another key reminder of News and political coverage via Fox News: Septmebr 19, 2013  Brian Kilmeade's radio show and guest fellow Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson.

They call it news? 


Delivering messages, communication and propaganda are best accommodated  via visuals. You will often find visuals as an adjunct to information and points offered here on the TPI.  we literally love the quick opportunity for assimilating information via graphs charts, and infographics. So we get the dynamics of influencing viewers (and readers) while garner phenomenal ratings.

When your audience is predominately male with age demographics from the mid-thirties through high-end baby-boomers. When the Fox News host "got em" network management are assured visually delivered messages reach the target audience via willing and anxious human sensory organs and the always reliable libido.

All said, we get it; but, at what price? We posit the price is far too high. As implied by the depictions a component of the Fox News business model (above), we find real danger in the extent to which Fox Management pursues Far-right ideology promulgation and nation shaping. 

The buxom Fox contributor above recently join a Fox Business segment to deliver a message

Fox: Let’s Stop Giving Old People Money Just Because They Are Old: Why Social Security?

Fox News contributor Michelle Fields said “we shouldn’t be giving money to people just because they’re old,” when defending the idea of completely cutting Social Security. Most Fox News viewers are elderly conservatives.
This is an obvious, cheap move by Fox News to pander to the younger crowd. Here’s some news: the pandering doesn’t work.

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