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Saturday, August 22, 2015

GOP 2016: Trumping Around America And Our Gullible Psyche

An afternoon in social media goes cerebral.

A social media progressive, Julie Kindle Driscoll, joined other progressives and liberals in comments regarding the reality show catastrophe of one Donald Trump. 
Driscoll, the progressive activist and writer, posted a Facebook post that drew many interesting responses. Of which one post (below) stood out among many responses. 

"Mr. Trump" as many in the media call the guy has touched into a core psyche of the GOP, and the nucleus is ugly. While continuing to call other GOP presidential hopefuls by their first or last name (or a combination of the two). The shame of media host sycophancy, especially from those with whom we visit daily while absorbing their messages (both subliminal and direct). Media celebrities are very highly compensated personalities who all too frequently seem to embody the essence of groveling reality show lovers and sycophant "fans." And, become integral to shaping our psyche which leads to altering our ethos, pathos, culture and ultimately behavior.  Behavior as manifest in the image below.

The image embodies the essence of Trump and star worship. Has anyone ever heard or read Trump reference, religion, "God,"Jesus,' or a Bible? 

What happens with Jesus if Trumps doesn't win the nomination? What religious spirit would have manifest if he wins the GOP nomination (we certainly hope so) and loses in the general election?  The problem with affixing or invoking "Jesus" regarding "contests" is its ridiculousness and the extent to which the invoking is self-serving. These people fail to give a thought to the prospect of Trump as a most defeat-able candidate in 2016. 

Do the demonstrative religious revelers ever question Trumps flirts with vulgarity, offensive and demeaning personal put-downs and behavioral manifestations that appear very "non-Jesus-like?"  While I personally do not know "Jesus" (and neither does the all too frequent revelers), I believe Trump appears as the antithesis of teachings of various books of all versions of the Christian Bible.  

The Trump for president show offers the ultimate in circus fare for the candidate, ratings for news (entertainment) networks and for millions ensure the opportunity to revel in worship while embracing Trump's Circa 2015 brand of racism.

Herewith, is the Driscoll post with one comment that is more than noteworthy in expressing the dangers of one Donald Trump and the millions who follow his Pied Piper reality show (man) into that big conservative tent that contains real horrors. Would you agree we have seen the horrors before?  Today, the horrors in the GOP tent far exceed those of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. 

A couple of white (expletive reluctantly deleted) assaulted a homeless Latino man, citing Trump as their inspiration: 
"Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported [or beaten half to death, whichever is quicker]" . . . . 
Trump, when asked for a response, was proud to say that he inspired passion in his followers, because "they want this country to be great again." 

The level of hate that Trump is driving is even more dangerous than the hate-driven drivel shoveled out by Palin in 2008 - but in some ways they're so similar. Neither can take responsibility, neither can take criticism, they both have paper-thin skin, and neither one has the brains of a rock (and please don't tell me about Trump's brilliant business acumen - please) . . . We do need our country back - back from the crazy GOP moth(expletive reluctantly modified)ckers who are piling into the clown car, hoping for the top slot . . . .

End Driscoll post

Among the many comments in response, one stood out. The comment left me with no opportunity to add value to the thread.

Debra Best responded.....
We called it a clown show, we laughed, we watched, we found it entertaining.. 
Then came the debate and on that stage were men who said our military was there only to kill and break things, that out pregnant mothers should die in childbirth, that our neighbors in Mexico should be rounded up and herded like cattle, not mattering if they were born here, back across the border... 
We have Bush and Trump who want to be president so badly that they forgot that would include a few of their own children. They spoke of God and how being gay was a sin...   
Day one, they want to abolish health care, bomb Iraq and get rid of unions and minimum wage...
Trump may be the one garnering all the media attention, but all the others are just as dangerous and just as sick in the mind. 
Right now the Democrats are fighting over Hillary and Bernie as if we can afford to as if we could let any of those people become our next President. Try to remember that's how we got Bush.That is the reason we have this Supreme Court, that's why we have Citizens United. 
We could have been fighting climate change, 9-11 would not have happened, we would not have bombed a country to line the pocket of our vice president..say.. 
Never again can that party hold our highest office...this world, not just our country cannot afford it.

Kudos to the progressive mind and its firm roots in reality.

Later today, we will report on the actual size of Trump's phantom 40,000 number crowd.

While we do not believe the following video was extracted from the Alabama event, we are certain of the "rebel yell" a the seven second mark.

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