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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Campaign 2016: Jeb Bush Continues To Stumble (Iraq War?)

The war in Iraq....

Jeb Bush has to address a linger horror of US politics and poor choices perpetrated by his brother, George W. Bush The Iraq War.  

Jeb is no different than the rest of us as experience the existential reality of life after the 2000 election. An election handed to George Dubya, via Jeb, a Republican state Attorney General (Katherine Harris) and a SCOTUS stacked to the rim with conservatives from the early 1980s throughout he turn of the century.  

Will we ever outlive or live-down the horrible vestiges of eight years of Bush/Cheney? The question is rhetorical, the answer is "no."

Bush continues to bode poorly inn the shadow of the 2003 invasion, after a May 2015 major stumble regarding his thoughts on "What we know now ...looking back on the Iraqi War" and the "I miss heard the question" response to pubic flak regarding his initial answer. 

Jeb Bush hardly is miss heard the question. The younger Bush succumbed to his real need to uphold the family banner via non-indicting comments about his brothers horrific misjudgment and related INTEL subterfuge. The weak presidential candidate spoke from his heart without pre-thought or strategy for handling a question he should have anticipated. Any journalist without specific preparation regarding potential for Iraq War question.  Did the Bush camp feel the safe confines of Fox News would come with such a question? A major SNAFU and a mistake from an inept campaign team and shifty candidate. 

The Dubya legacy offered his younger brother the first major campaign landmine and the young Bush stepped on the hidden combustible as if sporting four legs and feet. 

After his "I misheard" remarks, where does the meandering candidate go from what we know now?  He stumbled directly into a potentially more egregious remark via his comments about US over-funding of women's health issues.  A nuclear fusion landmine that will haunt the candidate until his campaign ends. 

Wouldn't you know, as surely as the sun rises and sets on a 24 hour cycle, the younger Bush would make another unfathomable campaign blunder. His comments regarding Iraq with sole focus on President Obama and former, early this week, foray into Iraq.

The nation has come to know the GOP as a party that embodies the essence of conservative America. One characteristic of US conservatism is forgetfulness or strategic avoidance of sensitive issues that date back as recently as six months. Everything with the GOP is yesterday, today and a conservative future.

Jeb Bush's campaign hopes cannot include talk of the US Economy, Trade, Deficit Spending, or actual social issues. What does a candidate do when his/her bag of campaign rhetoric runs shy of full and varied issues. They grab one or two issues and do the best they can to garner attention. What grabs attentions? The Middle East, ISIS, ad for the GOP abortion. Bush chose to speak about Iraq as integral to US foreign policy and an area the GOP as decided is an Obama vulnerability. Bush in Simi Valley, California spoke talk of Iraq.

The choice was a logical choice for the GOP as we consider the following from US New and World Report. Issues critical to the US electorate are polled as much as our television viewing preferences. The following graphics show how issues impact and influence the US electorate and how those issues ebb and flow (2016 back through 2014).   

Now take a look at a US News and Word Report for the 2014 election cycle ad the 2015 ff year. 

A graphic showing the most important problem for the United States.

We are certain of two things. The two surveys while four years apart represent results from separate sets of respondents. Another is the enhanced reality of ISIS, failures of the Iraqi government ,and the conservative perception of Obama's lack of interest attacking Syria (weak). Since the US Government and the US Economy continue to top the list of concerns, the GOP as no attention garnering option beyond "Terror" (National Security). Without doubt a critical issue, but a one horse show issue and a precarious show/issue at that.   

Why Bush would address the conservative Simi Valley crowd with Iraq as a key issue is understandable. However, when the younger Bush is forced to avoid any reference to his older brother, it seems he is forced to adopt that common GP practice of selective offense while with a deflated ball. There is nothing like dissecting an issue without consideration of the genesis of the issue. Bush's Simi Valley address highlights the fallacy of Jeb Bush as a candidate for the Oval Office.

If his brother wallowed in the business of grudge perpetration, ideological crusading that manifest in the invasion of Iraq, Bush is seriously flawed as a prospect for the GOP nomination. Since, National Security (terrorism) rules the campaign pantry of the GOP, Jeb Bush cannot visit the pantry.  

The facts regarding Bush "Dubya" and Iraq are irresistible and unable to cover via "Poor INTEL."

We recently ran across a recent post from The Daily Kos that also places Jeb's Iraq war reticence and his "I now nothing" strategy regarding his brother's invasion.

Daily Kos No Jeb premature withdrawal wasn't the fatal error in Iraq Invading in the first place was....

I predict Jeb Bush will fall out of the GOP Primary contention before the spring of 2016. He will have become just another George W. Bush American casualty.


Mostly False
 Bush "ISIS didn't exist when my brother was president. Al-Qaida in Iraq was wiped out when my brother was president."
— Jeb Bush on Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 in a roundtable in New Hampshire

Mostly False

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