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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Malcolm X The White Press Demonizes African Americans And The Police Are Working With The Criminals

Friend of the TPI , Michael D. Nurse again joins us with a quick read that is both cogent, timely and point-on. Michael's piece relates to the reality of abuse inherent in living while black, with a touch on the tragic death of innocent police charged with law enforcement within the black community. You will find the read disappointing, if you deny the reality of 'death by cop' often perpetrated against people who's offenses against society do not warrant summary execution by cop.

Michael appropriately icing'd his piece with a short video of Malcolm X. 

One should never underestimate the wisdom and foresight of a man who lived decades ago under an umbrella of unfounded scorn. Malcolm X, AKA el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, frequently lectured on oppression in America. Once he left the grips of the American Black Muslim faith, he blossomed into a short-lived civil rights leader and spokesperson.

Some say he conflicted the message of Martin Luther King Jr. I say poppycock...the messages for both outspoken leaders complemented that of the other. The problem was not the respective messages, the problem was not enough of us listened. If you take a few minutes and go back to view a few Malcolm (You Tube) video you will find a common theme of pride, the need for self-reflection and personal self-remedy and you will find major truisms regarding white oppression across the full scope of the black community. Oppression that stills exist in some areas along with reigniting of past social deprivation that manifests as right wing regression. 

With Malcolm X, you will not find blanket hatred of whites, nor will you find hated of police officers. You will find a message that was echoed to the letter years later from Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale's Oakland California's Black Panther Party for Self Defense; quite the opposite of the veritable black racist who currently call themselves the New Black Panther Party.  

Michael's message supersedes my introduction as it relates to current strife in the black community from authoritarianism that at times seems comparable to past life under South African Apartheid or racially deprived Rhodesia.

 Michael D. Nurse

Police officers lives do matter, no one should sanction the killing of innocent people. However, I do acknowledge the link between 'anti police' rhetoric in the media and the eventual fate of police officers. 400+ years of anti black rhetoric has lead to racial profiling, police oppression, police brutality, mass incarceration, unequal sentencing, police murder (from unarmed black 12 year olds, to black unarmed women, to the aged ) police have been supported by blatant racists after the murders of unarmed blacks (this is an Amerikkkan tradition). The low caliber of racists; influences policing practices, the disproportionate numbers of racially insensitive and implicitly and explicitly biased officers that are sent like invading armies to high density poor black neighborhoods have perpetuated abuses and oppression of the poor and powerless.

These offences and abuses have been protested, awareness have been raised, people have marched from the civil rights movement to the present and were not met with reason and compassionate service, but rather with police brutality, water cannons, rabid dogs, batons and teargas. Even women and children were maced and brutalized for peacefully protesting against injustice in a "so called" free and democratic country.

Now that it is understood that chickens do come home to roost, will the police also clamp down on the agents of hate that spread racial propaganda daily on the web, leading to the murder of 9 innocent blacks at a prayer meeting. The vapid criminalization of anyone with black skin, the murder of unarmed people of color (POC) with police impunity.

It's time that the negative national rhetoric against POC be understood to create the equally deleterious consequences for POC and this kind of national insensitivity be stopped. And yes, before police lives matter became an acknowledged reality, black people were forced to declare that their lives mattered. I hope that especially, police officers recognize this now...

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