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Friday, August 21, 2015

MSNBC Panel Goes Complete Silly. HiIlary's Choice of Attire?

If you have any doubt US media is about the business of entertainment first, with news worthiness following far behind quips and giggles, the following should move you to join in contempt for US media.  The following was played out like a sad theater performance via MSNBC's early morning conservative circus (Morning Joe Show). The segment serves as an early morning notice media is out to capture your giggles and your viewing ratings.

Guest Donnie Deutsch jokes about Hillary Clinton's choice of attire at here "quick" microphone appearance this week.  I mean really?  Have we actually worked to show a low level of entertainment to appeal to conservative viewers?  Morning Joe producers, thus assist in paving a path for GOP politics which in the minds of the gullible helps with election votes.  If the of ridicule is maligned universally, I doubt there are many viewers who can wash such criticism from their minds.

If the segment was meant in jest, I find it facilitating that Mediaite grabbed 27 seconds of the interchange to appeal to its conservative readers.

Media is delivering the nation to people who will again prove they shouldn't have any access to the highest levels of position in Washington DC.

The panel of MSNBC’s Morning Joe mocked Hillary Clinton for her wardrobe choice during a press conference about her emails, saying it looked like a prison jumpsuit or Mao Zedong. “Why is she wearing dressing exactly like Mao Zedong?” MSNBC contributor Donnie Deutsch asked, as host Mika Brzezinski threw her notes at him. “Come back! The outfit she’s wearing, then come back and put Mao Zedong and Hillary, it’s the same dressing!”
“I’m going to pour water on you!” Brzezinski warned.
“Just look at what she is wearing. Orange jumpsuit, dressed like Chairman Mao!” he continued.
For what it’s worth, here’s a picture of Mao, the Chinese communist dictator responsible for millions of deaths. Compare it to the picture of Clinton above.
Mao Ze Dong
“I’m with Donnie. I’m just saying, I wouldn’t wear an orange jumpsuit,” said host Joe Scarborough. “I certainly wouldn’t if I was talking about something that actually could have the feds and the FBI looking at me closer.”
In the end, Brzezinski did indeed fling water at Deutsch.
Watch, via MSNBC. Linked here.

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If you want another 14 seconds of the silliness, the Washignton Free Beacon offers this:

Silliness and giggles anyone?  Notice the three conservatives pictured above. If you are inclined to reach for the quick retort via comment about Deutsch being a liberal, don't bother. We are aware of his political lean. We posit on another MSNBC show, he wouldn't have reached for such silliness and entertainment. 

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