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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Napa Valley Wine Train And Followup From "Shush and Evict" Those Loud Black Folks

Yesterday, after a brief Facebook chat with Ms Lisa Renee Johnson, leader of The Leading Edge Book and Reading Club, we published the linked piece: 

Today MSNBC ran a news segment on the wine train eviction. An eviction that clearly denoted the power of conferred white privilege and "corporations are people" malarkey. 

Imagine being escorted from a "for fee" excursion along with 11 other of which was 83 years of age. Now, imagine the eviction after personal insult and a few glasses of wine... In the great State of California. 

Update: MSNBC with comment from Ms. Lisa  Renee Johnson and a statement from Napa Valley Wine Train.  The segment includes the customary: "this is not what we are...."  Well, yes it is an indication of NVWT, if a couple of train guest can ride herd over the atmosphere of a veritable "bar." 

Another key consideration is the collective activism of the reading club.  If Ms. Johnson and company accepts the perfunctory apology and the "payola" free ride and drinks for fifty guests,  how is that different from accepting an apology from a bully when you know she or he will do it again?



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We exhort sending messages via withdrawal of patronage and social agitation.... black-owned-wineries

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