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Friday, August 21, 2015

Scott Walker And The Front Row Protester

On August 19, 2015, The New York Times published an internet piece about Scott Walker's 20 minute Soap-Box slot at the Iowa State Fair.   As progressive would expect the 20 minute slots would be remiss on policy, void of reality, and laden with "hot blood" issues rhetoric for the conservative audience.  

With the injection of Donald Trump in the common GOP 2016, the field has taken on new colors (not a hair or race pun), new excitement among a small segment of Americans, and his insertion has spurned a need for some in the field to personally assess their stump demeanor.  Apparently, Walker's polling or surveying yielded the possibility he is stoic, dull and "dry" (all my adjectives). Well, each adjective fits a cache of other descriptions of the Koch brothers obvious choice for the US President.  

Yes, Walker would be the perfect puppet for the Koch oligarchy to the point of Wichita Oligarchs with Kansas corn field mansions as Camp David like get-away spreads.  

Walker would spend his minutes on the Iowa stage with exaggerated "umph" to dispel what the New York Times reports as....
In a blunt self-critique, Mr. Walker acknowledged on a private conference call with donors on Monday that voters had found him passionless. He announced a reset of his campaign, according to a participant in the call, in which he would take on the Republican establishment to show that, like Donald J. Trump, he, too, strongly opposed the status quo.
Walker must have felt his performance at the Iowa Soap Box was a great launch for the "re-tooled" energized strategy.  As the candidate flaunted and railed about what can only be described as some form of false bravado advertisement against GOP imaginary fear, his performance was upstaged by a lone protester.  

NBC's Kasie Hunt tweeted on the moment the protest drew Walker's attention at the front of the Soap-box stage. 

You may have noticed dissent was quickly extinguished by people who seemed all too equipped to stifle any exercise of First Amendment rights that countered the Walker moment. 

The apparent anti-First Amendment security forces seemed ready to pounce and pounced as if the candidate was approached by a public service worker (teacher) in his home state of Wisconsin. The strong-arm tactics could not help, but bring thoughts of early 1900 company thugs attacking union organizers. Actually, the strong-arm thuggery at the Walker stage reminded of Hitler's Brown Shirt strongmen attacking any dissenter who spoke out against the future dictator.

Speaking of early 1900 union busting by company thugs, brings to mind a recent article related to the Soap-Box event. I will soon post an article excerpt from Right Wing News in which the Walker protester was referred to as a "thug." But, there is a far greater message to deliver before the right-wing manipulation of those who read Right Wing News.

Before I move to an exhibit and statement of right-wing media with Rightwing News taking center stage, allow a moment of thought and reflection.

I personally know the protester. In fact, I formerly worked for the young progressive (liberal) entrepreneur. I feel that I know the protester far better than anyone who is employed at Right Wing News and know the progressive activist far more than the majority of our readers.

Right Wing News, you will see refers to the protester as a union thug. During a recent continental flight the protester was upgraded to a seat in First Class.  Shortly, after taking the privileged seat, the young man took to his Facebook connection with comment along this line:" There are four to five pillows and blankets here in First Class that are not being used. I am going to offer them to families and kids in Coach."   A refreshing and a quite unique indication of the liberal psyche. After a brief repast the young man initiated his Facebook posts with the fact Coach was absent of kids, but four adults took the offerings.

The meme is an old expression of fact, we realize you have seen many times.  It is representative of the actions of the young protester and embodies the essence of progressivism.  If you think for a moment, you nor I would have grabbed the First class "booty" and offered the items to people in coach.  The act was the ultimate indication of personal, psyche, heart and a willingness to make life comfortable for others without taking any level of comfort from the privileged class. 

We often think of ourselves as liberals or progressives, and yes, we are of the mindset and personal ilk.  Yet, in some ways we fall shy of self-fulfillment that is readily within our reach. We opt for safe comfort zones; often safe sanctity robs us of the opportunity to make a better world.

It takes a special person to extend beyond one's comfort zone. We are all special, but we sometimes don't leverage opportunity to add an asterisk to "special."  

The accommodating and thoughtful passenger wouldn't fit your definition of "thug", would he?

End digression.

I promised to move to Right Wing News and the Scott Walker thug stifling of the protesters signage. Take a quick peep at a New York Times spread regarding the protester and contrast with the forthcoming 
Right Wing News piece.

"Trump like stance" aside, we offer Rightwing News.

The event was attended and heckled by a contingent of pro union protesters.  Thus, conservative logic is such any protester at the event would be a union protester. Afterall, Walker has followed the Koch script and robbed his state of public service jobs that ultimately benefit people in lower income brackets. But, the young protesters was (is) no union "thug."  If there were acts of thug-ism at the event, they perpetrated by Walker's front row hooligans who violently destroyed the protester's sign.

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