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Friday, August 21, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Black Lives Matters' Shaun King Object Of Conservative Yellow Journalism

At age 14
  Shaun King: ‘White man on my birth certificate is not my biological father’ 

Earlier today, I published this piece. It seems the flak is just starting to flow. And, the flak is "point-on". We are accustomed to Fox News taking its stories from the proven "yellow journalism" of Breitbart News. Now, we have CNN joining in the shark feast, while offering as shoddy a case of broadcasting as one can conjure-up. 

Why is Don Lemon so frequently at the center of the CNN Circus?  Well, yes of course, CNN is like Fox North when it comes to African-American on-air personalities. Who else would get the "fake black guy" story? His broadcast regarding a conversation he purports to have conducted with Shaun King was utter distasteful, ridiculous and virtually something akin to a "National Enquirer " article.  King's story is his story and no one had a right to invade his birthright personal experience.  Moreover, why couldn't someone stop shy of the American reality of "attributing the child to another man" to make life more comfortable and possibly much more smooth.  Let's face it the white mother and the African-American child is still not even close tolerant acceptance by all. King's mother made a choice, and after many years, her son's bucking the system, conservative media (especially CNN) virtually persecuted the man into figurative submission.

If you visited the link in the lede paragraph above, you saw raw American race baiting submission, and it is ugly.  

Media Matters has provided a though provoking probe into the "Whys" of the public persecution of the young activist.
A Black Lives Matter activist is now being forced to justify his race after national media fell for a false story fueled by Breitbart News, a conservative website with a history of reporting falsities.
An August 19 article on Breitbart News hyped "explosive new racial allegations" against Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King, citing a June 29 post on Re-NewsIt!, a blog that appears to primarily conduct opposition research on black victims of crime, to assert that King misrepresented himself as black when he is actually white. Right-wing media seized on the story, and Breitbart News repeatedly claimed that King "has been lying to the public about his race" and "has two white parents" listed on his birth certificate.  
In an article titled "Why White People Seek Black Privilege," Breitbart's Ben Shapiro asserted that King "demonstrates one undeniable fact: being black in American in 2015 is perceived as a status symbol and an advantage."  
National media including Fox News and CNN highlighted the allegations against King, parroting Breitbart News despite its history of false reporting.


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