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Monday, August 24, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Ron And Rand Again In The News


We start this intriguing story with an advertisement for the Mitch McConnell camping in 2012. If you recall McConnell literally hired away a former Ron Paul campaign manager as he approached his political fight against Kentucky's Allison Grimes. McConnell prevailed in retaining his Kentucky Senate seat, but the former Paul campaign manager has become immersed in the US campaign finance legal system.


Well, the name "Benton" has arisen again with a recent plead of "Not Guilty," and revelations about an FBI raid (over the weekend) that might touch into the name Benton once again.

Actually, the matter could have far reaching implications for Rand Paul, as the benefactor of the entirety of his father's unscrupulous political machine.

In August 2014, the Rachel Maddow team broadcast this 12:19 minute segment.

Tonight Rachel Maddow ran an exclusive report on an FBI raid in Rhode Island that is possibly related to what could be Paul dirty tricks galore. Or, should I saw "could be related to the uncovering of an ugly side of the Pauls that I have felt existed since my first knowledge of Paul "the Elder." 

The nine minute plus segment literally reminds of news back in the day when news was real and far from the entertainment we are seeing today. Even on Maddow's network, I find my self with remote handy (and on the ready) to avoid the growing entertainment segments that seem to have been ordained for all hosted hosted and news hour shows. 

Herewith, a segment that left me wanting much more. But, then I am an official Paul "hater," and I am especially leery of Rand The Chameleon Younger Paul

As has always been my personal cred, take the electronic news cast and seek deeper levels of information via print media (even if electronic print).

Leesburg Today Kesari a suspect in Rhode Island Burglary

From Ron Paul's 1990 Newsletter through his reports of consorting publicly and privately with white supremacists, to his son's battles with honesty, credibility and plagiarism, the doctors Paul seem to wear a not so scrupulous cloud over their heads.

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