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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump Vs Maulkin (Idiocy Squared)

Donald Trump brings major carnival and circus internet campaigning to the GOP nomination process for 2016.  

Can you imagine a time when Internet social media (Twitter specifically) would become the campaign and attack too for any aspirant to the US Presidency?  Since I know you cannot find such a time, let's be more specific.

Can you imagine an alleged conservative politicians entertainer using Twitter as a weapon to disparage political opponents, journalist (even if a Fox news model TV journalist), and disparage people who do not agree with the candidates strange view of life in America? A view of life in America from the lofty perspective of wealth elitism and privilege. First, 99.999 percent of politicians avoid universal character assassination.  Of that 99% , it is safe to assume 95% wouldn't publicly attack members of their own political party. They certainly wouldn't use an attack media that leaves a never to die electronic (paper) trail. The full 99% would at the advice of professional campaign handlers curb their obvious emotional failings that leads to point counter fights on social media.   

Social media campaigning is the perfect tool for the megalomaniac who thrives on attention and who cannot or will not avail himself to the public interaction with everyday Americans. If you need the perfect example of Trump's ego manic tendencies, recall when he publicly stated disdain for the universally accepted protocol of the handshake? 

Trumps latest attack/counter attack was with a noted conservative demagogue: Michelle Malkin.  As is the case with Megyn Kelly, the Fox News demagogue receives little empathy from me on any issues. Both Kelly and Malkin have spewed inane conservative drivel (often laced with Malkin's anti-Obama hatred) since early 2009. Yet, neither conservative mouthpiece aspires a seat in the Oval Office. Paid talking heads may influence million, but an aspirant to the US Presidency shows a great degree of "Lackofclassitis", and "chronic deprivation of common sense" when they take to Twitter and perform as delineated below.

As you read over the following conservative internet fight, think about an occupant of the Oval Office labeling, characteristic and name calling a foreign leader. Also know no one who serves under Trump has any inclination nor authority to influence cessation of his apparent addiction to Twitter. 


Donald Trump Trashes Michelle Malkin On 

Twitter: You’re A ‘Dummy’ And ‘Were Born Stupid’

Two angry people flinging poo at each other!

So… looks like Michelle Malkin and Donald Trump are having a good ol’ Twitter spat.

Malkin’s conservative Twitter aggregator site Twitchy took to calling the real estate mogul and recent CPAC speaker Trump a “conservafraud.”

Shortly thereafter, Malkin took to Twitter — as she is wont to do — to ask Trump why he once called her a “dummy” and “smeared” her “past.”

She noted for her conservative audience that Trump was a supporter of “socialized medicine” and an abuser of eminent domain (It’s true — as I wrote last year, Trump is a “crony capitalist” who has, on multiple occasions, used government power to strong-arm others).

After a good 12-hour delay, Trump finally responded. And he did so in typically brash style, telling the conservative commentator that she is a “dummy” and was “born stupid”:

Grab the popcorn and a comfy chair. This ought to be a fun one!

UPDATE: The battle continues. Trump took another swipe at Malkin, claiming her career would be nothing if Fox News host Sean Hannity didn’t see something in her. Malkin responded in kind:

And then Trump reacted in the affirmative to a Malkin re-tweet laughing about how Trump could “crush” the conservative commentator if she “messes” with him:

We’re almost out of popcorn at this point. Might have to run to the store and refresh stock.

A sad reality no matter the extent of Trumps leaning conservative poling.


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