"The defendant rolled down the window and said 'I know why you stopped me.' The defendant then made reference to the events in Ferguson, Missouri," according to the criminal complaint.

Joseph Parker, 34, in a wild rant, threatened to kill police, then pounced, police said. He punched 57-year-old Lt. Jeremian Goodwin, knocking him out.

From the overnight scene to lockup, Parker allegedly injured seven officers. The police chief says the man battled, nearly breaking the metal detector.

In the meantime, be black and:

Sell cigarettes, get killed
Play at a park, get killed
Shop at Walmart, get killed
Walk with friends, get killed
Go down the stairs, get killed

In all of those cases, and in hundreds more like them, unarmed African Americans who posed no physical threat to police were killed by law enforcement.
Yet this man, Joseph Parker, injured seven police officers and sent two to the hospital?
This, ladies and gentlemen, is your America.