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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

GOP 2016: Trump Evicts Latino Journalist

The following shameful exhibition of authoritarian unfolded last evening. Donald Trump against journeyed to Iowa from pre-primary campaigning and left an illustration of over-the-top stifling of a member of the press replete with goon escort of the Latino journalist out of the press room.

The eventual eviction from the press room has genesis in Trump's presidential announcement proclamation against "Mexicans as murderers and rapists" along with his banter about the business of building a wall across teh US southern border. Trump has since gone on to heightened levels of rhetoric regarding "illegal immigrants' from south of the border via his "anchor babies" refrain (as adopted by Jeb Bush) and his assertions of Mexican government "sending" immigrants across our borders. Of course, the overwhelming bloviator, Trump, now claims he will round-up and deport 11 million people who someone would deem "illegal."

Such a roundup would be not only illegal, it would resort to high levels of discrimination as the roundup would involve assessment of "illegal: based on race and ethnicity. If Trump were to win the 2016 General Election and embark on the ultra illegal discriminatory roundup, what happens when one of his storm-troopers "rounds-up" Albert Pujols? What happens when the possibly under-trained "round-upper" hears that future Major League Baseball Hall of Famer inadvertently left his proof of citizenship (his "papers) in his hotel room or in his home?  

I digress.....

Jorge Ramos, Univision, host and noted Latino journalist and news personality, managed to secure a place in the Trump press conference. we have read reports Ramos was not allowed to attend past press conferences, but had somehow secured entry in Iowa.

Ramos attempted to fire-off a question to Trump, and may have violated protocol in not awaiting a "call-out with OK to question." We suspect Ramos knew he wouldn't be granted the floor via Trump and he resorted to questioning that I have witnessed at each and every press conference. He stood and leveled his question, while not appearing to yell at Trump.    

Watch the interchange.

donald trump jorge ramos press conference_00003226

CNNMoney  Donald Trump Jorge Ramos press conference.

And when Trump allowed Univision host back in the room...
Here's what happened when Donald J. Trump let Jorge
Ramos back into his press conference tonight...
Posted by Mediaite on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trump during Ramos's absence from the room responded  to a question about the eviction with a statement he did not escort Ramos out of the room.  Well.....

ABC News this morning.

Jorge Ramos addresses confrontation Donald Trump

ABC Latest News | Latest News Videos

If you have follwoed this piece to this point, give ti a few more minutes of viewing a point-on segment from Lawrence O'Donnell's, The Last Word, late last night. The segment has minutes consumed in US politics, but it also explores Trump's eviction of the Latino television host.

Jorge Ramos talks about being thown about of Donald J. Trump rallyPosted by Mediaite on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

You simply must give us 35 seconds more.  After being booted from the press conference, a white man approached Ramos with this:

It is actually about 11 million 'so-called' illegal immigrants. Of course, this archetypal example of US conservatism would say it is about Trump.

What you just witnessed is unabashed white privilege.

All centered around man a man who would be president!

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