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Monday, August 10, 2015

TRUMP'D: Liberal? Democrat? Trojan Horse?

After last weeks debate and subsequent trash from the  2016 GOP Party leader it appears Donald Trump is continuing to pull away from the field.   

Over the weekend NBC released poll result from the NBC News/Survey Monkey Poll that has to confound regarding the scope of the surveys unbelievable results. 

The survey has come under scrutiny be some who may be far more qualified to posit than you or me. One writer published a piece in Talking Points Memo in which he highlights concern with the poll results. John Marshall wrote for TPM Editor's Blog.

The state of American conservatism and party politics has taken a decade long turn to utter chaos.

We find it totally amazing the party on the Right is moving towards leadership from a multi-billionaire who brags about the extent of his wealth, offends racial minorities, offends women and who attacks anyone who dares speak an iota of personal criticism. Yet, there is a much deep surprise as we watch Trump takeover the GP.

He not long ago spoke to Wolf Blitzer about his affinity for the Democratic Party and he spoke the reality of the US Economy under Democrats vs. the GOP.

Trump spoke the truth about the US Economy. Can we assume he is hiding a deeper liberal paradigm than he is barking to those who visit the GOP carnival.


Is Trump an ego driven Trojan Horse?

Interesting color for the Trojan, eh? A king who simply wants the throne without regarding for consistency in thought or policy.

Editor's Note: Trump visited with CNN's Jake Tapper regarding his comments about Megyn Kelly and clear innuendo of a state of mind driven by the female monthly cycle.

Tapper and Trump a few days later.

The Trump roadshow is making the GOP Todd Akin cancer look like a cream puff issue. Akin in 202 did irreparable damage to the GOP's quest for the White House and the former Congressman from Missouri Todd Akin's remarks ranked along side Mitt Romney's 47% remarks as political hari-kari. 

Trump asked the question "Do you think I am stupid" and fired-off a 15 second diatribe about his education background and his successful management of his real estate empire. I didn't hear any associated relevance e of his resume refrain. "Only a sick person would say that!" Well, yes. Most who heard the Lemon CNN interview most assuredly felt Trump was making a misogynist remarks towards Megyn Kelly.

Conservative America has a problem. The GOP has a major problem. But, it is a problem of its own making.  

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