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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A US Congress On A Social Mission (The Ugly, The Sad and The Pathetic)

A lament from friend of the TPI: Mike Victor

The Republican Party in the Boehner era has had little understanding of economic or political facts, and it will probably get worse.

I have never seen anything like this. I read of the decades before the civil war when senators caned each other viciously and many carried weapons as civility and a sense of common purpose completely broke down. But nothing else comes close. 

The strange thing is that there is no single divisive issue such as slavery to excuse the GOP's extraordinary obstructionism and opposition to anything the president does. Healthcare reform is in reality a dry, boring accounting matter, and there has been no push whatsoever to impose stricter gun legislation much less the wholesale confiscation the far right has been predicting since January 2009. No wars were started (in fact two were ended) and the rise of ISIS and tragedy in Syria seems related to decisions Obama's predecessor made in March, 2003. The economy is going strong, unemployment was halved, the stock market tripled, Osama bin Laden dead. We just knocked out a historic deal to insure Iran doesn't get a nuke. Gay marriage is not just legal but no longer an issue among the vast majority of Americans. 

Taxes remain low, the size of government smaller than when Obama took office.

So why all the outrage? Given the absurd attempts to milk every IRS audit of a tea party group posing as a charitable organization into a scandal or the tragic death of an ambassador in newly liberated but dangerously unstable Libya as a dark conspiracy involving murder, we are once again left with the only tenable explanation: nothing infuriates  far right  whites more than seeing a black man succeed where his white predecessor failed so badly. 

It's the only way this disproportionate fury makes sense. Obama or anyone who looks like him will never be legitimate in certain white rural counties in the southern gun belt or the vast plains (states) fly over country. It's sad, but it seems the truth. 

We have work to do.

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