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Friday, September 25, 2015

Ben Carson Stretches The Limits Of Rational Thought

Ben Carson Has Mental Issues

Ben Carson  continues to amaze with his personal brand of lunacy and his devolving state of mind. 

If the GOP candidate for the 2016 presidential nomination seriously wants consideration beyond far Right-wing zealots, he should probably begin a course of study regarding world affairs, economics, and social deviate behavior. The latter of which is particularly important based on his extreme positions that clearly place him outside the scope of normalcy.

As reported by Fact Check Dot Org. during a recent speaking engagement at Cedarville University — an Ohio school that describes itself as a “Christ-centered, Baptist institution,” Carson feed the audience creationist dogma comments about the universally accepted "Big Bang Theory" befitting an episode of the three stooges.

Fact Check Dot Org.

Carson rewrites the laws of Thermodynamics

While Carson's slight of tongue to the Baptist audience hung in the area of the Earth existing for 6000 years Vs. 13 billion years as per the majority of scientist he received a criticism from another arena. Charles Krauthammer has come forth with comment about GOP candidates' flirtation with bigotry (and racism); his comments seem to point more directly at Carson's recent forays into Trumpism (use of race and bigotry to garner conservative supporters).

Salon on Krauthammer's indictment of GOP candidate bigotry.

Charles Krauthammer: GOP presidential candidates’ bigotry is “sincerely felt” but “it remains morally outrageous”

Whenever I suggest Carson seems to suffer from Obssessvie-Compulsive Disorder, I receive ample amounts of criticism. Specificity of a disorder is irrelevant, the salient point is Carson acts, speaks and offers oratory and commentary seems to reach well beyond that of the far right zealot. He seems to speak from a place most humans do not visit and he does so with uncharacteristic aplomb.

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