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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

CNN Trumping It Up!

"The big fight"
"The Big Game!"
"The gloves are off!"
"The Man-Event"

Reading the exhalations above, one would think we are approaching Super 50 or a bit prize fight. We are approaching a CNN sponsored an airing of the next GOP presidential debate and CNN writers are over doing the hyperbole.

CNN is devoting the full scope of today's programming to the GOP Debate. Maybe such pre-debate programming is to be expected as we consider the current state of US media.: Post-1996 Fox News media. Let's face it, all media today is about ratings that coincide with revenue. News worthiness long ago melted into the world of reality TV along with multi-millionaire entertainer hosts sitting in on each show.

With the 2012 hiring of Fred Zucker, CNN became a Fox News media wanna be with a bib. Yet CNN has not taken the jump to entertainer news alone. MSNBC has joined the quest for attention and with its progress on "de-lefting" its programming could very well relegate CNN to a permanent third place among the "cable three."  Zucker will not go to the bottom tier of the 'cable three' without a fight. CNN's hyperbole laden programming is an indication of the extent to which ratings drive US news. Fox News is reported to have drawn 24 million viewers to its "sillifest" last month.  Can you imagine the debate audience, CNN is drumming-up today? 

We should have deep concern about the carnival(izing) the debate. WWE like promotion of the debate supports the current manifestation of the GOP's race to the top as a reality TV event.  With WWE style entertainment, the networks literally turn the GOP race over to the narcissistic and ego-maniacal Donald Trump. A person who draws sycophant viewers and bottom dwellers "for momentary ratification."  We at the TPI refer to the Trumpites as the "giggle constituency'; low information voters who seek the giggle while feeling comfortable in their respective states of  subservient pawn-ship.

As we move towards the CNN "fight tonight",it was refreshing last night to see and hear Anderson Cooper cut away from the highly touted Trump event (that turned into a non-event). (See Mediaite below). The Trump team apparently convinced media the carnival barker would climb up to a naval vessel and speak about international affairs. Well, Trump approached the event from the same non-scripted perspective that has given us repetitive rhetoric about "China", Mexico", "Bush", various disparaging remarks about women, US leaders" and accompanying garbage talk. The New York City (talking-head) mogul has even moved to incorporating the common urban vernacular of "whateverin his remarks. 

Within the week AoL and other media have reported growing mal-content among CNN staffers regarding incessant coverage of Trump: CNN Is Really Tired Of CNN's Trump Coverage.
Kudos to Anderson Cooper!

Anderson Cooper Cuts Away from Big Trump Speech After Hearing No Actual Specifics

cooper trump
CNN tonight cut away from Donald Trump‘s big foreign policy speech tonight, and not because there was breaking news or anything. Anderson Cooper explained it was because he wasn’t giving any specifics.

Trump was speaking in broad terms about doing good things for the military and veterans. Now, normally whenever Trump’s speaking on TV, cable news can’t resist it. But it appears this speech may have been a final straw of sorts, as Cooper just cut into the speech and very blatantly said they were told there will be specifics.

He informed viewers if Trump started giving specifics, they would cut back to his remarks. They did not.

And it didn’t even end there. At various different points throughout the evening, Cooper made a point of highlighting how Trump gave no specifics, which apparently people were led to believe would be in this particular speech.

Watch the clips below, via CNN:

[image via screengrab]
— —
End Mediaite

Has any mentioned the word "presidential" regarding Trump?

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