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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Comment On A Non-post Racial Nation

Michael D. Nurse...visits with comment about our non-post racial nation.

Michael D. Nurse

Michael D. Nurse's photo.

I like this analogy: the white supremacist culture functions (biologically) like a body  with auto defense mechanisms acting to preserve cultural homeostasis (a medium where white dominance is beneficially favored and perceived benevolence of white people). As a group dynamic, white supremacy is a 500 year old successful way of living, by privileging people of European descent with preferable access to resources and a sense of collaborative belonging (one which sees them as part of the collective, one and the same with the body culture that promotes white survival as a group). They are peaceful, benign and agreeable, so long as stability/white supremacy is maintained without challenge.

Blacks are viewed as a threat (like a foreign body/organism/parasite) that must either be shaped into something beneficial (anti black resistance or an innocuous entity that tacitly supports white supremacy and provides resources when called upon) or destroyed; marginalized; denied; rejected and avoided. 

Blacks seeking direct confrontation, competition for resources or challenge are viewed as the other, which must be suppressed, destroyed or ejected from the body (white dominated society). The inflammatory response of heightened sensitivity, overt racism and murder are signs of recognized threats to white supremacy. This marshals a cascade of processes that aim to orchestrate a return to the status quo ( white backlash). 

The system is designed to resist change, and whites are viewed as members of the body that through the process of inflammation will respond defensively to cultural infections by anti white supremacy entities, acting to destabilize the status quo.

It is no wonder they come up with solutions like: ".....just don't talk about it" and slogans like: "I don't see color."

They are suggesting that black people avoid (white supremacy's) auto immune defense system.

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