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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Connect The Dots USA: Military/Defense Spending

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It is important to remember, the GOP loves defense spending and literally abhors Human Services spending. Don't fall for the hype!

Connect The Dots USA

Connect The Dots USA
August 5, 2015
How does our Military spending compare to other countries? We are off the charts. The U.S. alone spent one-third of the entire world’s military spending in 2014 — more than $600 Billion. And that’s actually down from the 46% share the U.S. spent in 2011.

The next biggest spender was China at $216 Billion. And they have four times as many people as we do! With Saudi Arabia having the world’s fourth largest military budget and all that oil money, they should take the lead and fight these middle east wars along with Turkey, India and Egypt.

So much military spending and trying to be the world’s police force is crowding out other national priorities in America. What else could we have done with that money? What could we afford to do if we cut the military industrial complex by even 20%?

Connect The Dots USA
Connect The Dots USA
August 6, 2015

When it comes to spending, boy do we have a MILITARY spending problem. In addition to the 4,000 military bases in the U.S., we have an estimated 1,000 military sites overseas. Why do we still need over 200 military sites in Germany? Why does the Pentagon maintain several resort hotels, ski resorts and more than 230 golf courses overseas? Why do we continue to pour money into the $391 Billion F-35 fighter jet boondoggle, which can barely get off the ground after 14 years? 

Why is it that the same folks who argue that “throwing more money” at education and healthcare never does any good are so quick to throw endless money at the Pentagon — with no audit or accountability? (I’m looking at you Senator John McCain). Oh, and if we want to keep starting all these wars, perhaps we should start PAYING for them with a dedicated tax (and a draft!).

Now I think security is an important priority, but it is not the only priority at the expense of all else. Similarly, I have an alarm system on my house, but I don’t have round-the-clock security guards or an alligator-infested moat. Preemptive wars and nation-building are beyond the scope of reasonable security efforts. And certainly beyond our means.

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