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Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Crazies Have Taken Over The Party!" (Elected by votes from crazies)

Late last week House Speaker John Boehner spent a good portion of last Thursday in the presence of Pope Francis. His day must have been consumed with religious epiphany and (on the other end of the spectrum) he must have suffered soul-searching embarrassment like a kid caught stealing from a candy store. The Pope's message was as progressive a message witnessed across the US in many years. Additionally, it was without question the antithesis of the GOP values.


Many will argue the "Serial House Crier" was simply overcome with reverence. I would simply retort with"Sure!"

The following Face the Nation visit was schedule weeks ahead of Boehner Friday announcement of intent to the US Congress. Imagine the euphoria as CBS News management heard the announcement; visions of "Sugar Plums" in anticipation of the Sunday show.

The on-camera minutes proved even more of a "scoop" than even CBS management could have fathomed. 

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John Boehner why I quit the speakership

New York Representative summed it up in a 29 second clip from CNN (with Dana Bash)

Peter King (R-NY)

"The crazies have taken over the party." Actually, King misstates. He would have been much more accurate if he had summed it all up as such: "The nation's crazy conservatives have elected people to office who are literally anti-government anarchist and who are not in office to govern." A few more words, but a much more apropos delineation of the current state of the GOP. The illness is not the physical manifestation of those who occupy congressional seats, the illness is in the minds of Americans who elect them.
If the majority seats held by House Republicans were wiped clean via the vote, their constituents would elect other "crazies."n 
If the previous sentence failed to illustrate my point, think of the current GOP 2016 front runners: Trump, Carson Fiorina!  
As we move towards next week's United Nations assembly, we find another even more poignant example 
The president of Iran finds Republican rhetoric to be "laughable" and "a form of entertainment." Posted by Mediaite on Sunday, September 27, 2015
Sadly millions across the nation have acclimated to a mentality that leads to a US Government laden with "crazies."

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