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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Did Some On CNN's News Staff Complain About Network Coverage Of Trump?

Liberal - Agenda reports on a newsworthy item that is far more than anything other times running across CNN's news managers, producers and writers desk: over reporting for ratings. 

How many times have you through or spoken about CNN's airing stories to the point of over saturation? Recall the tragic airlines crashes? Malaysian Airlines MH370 illustrated the networks business model with all ultimately over-run ugliness. As with Fox News and my longstanding posit regarding its on-air reports and shows; the network gives viewers what they want

Shortly after the following reporting silliness, CNN's coverage of the ill-fated airlines with all passengers missing, slowed to virtual cessation.

The ugliness of it all!

How about certain mass shootings? For that matter, how about the virtual lock of conservative politicians as guest vs. progressive guest and Democrats?  

And then comes Donald Trump's entry into the GOP 2016 nominations process: a virtual ratings bonanza and cause for professional concern for some on the CNN news team.  

The characterization of obnoxious has been used by one writer to describe CNN's over use of "trumpism."  

Liberal - Agenda 
The Liberal Agenda

CNN Staffers Fed Up With Non-Stop Trump Coverage

CNN staffers gave their boss an earful about the obnoxious, never-ending Donald Trump coverage earlier this week, and rightly so. At a network town hall event Thursday, staffers complained about the excessive coverage of Donald Trump as well as CNN President Jeff Zucker's directive to cover the presidential candidate ad nauseam, The Wrap's Jordan Chariton reports.…

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