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Monday, September 7, 2015

The Great Cop Contrast: Florida Woman Cop Video And Oregon Police Chief Hoover Resigns: "Monkeys?"

The following video has gone viral. I should state and deservedly so. It is a heartfelt expose for a woman cop (20 years as a cop) and she obviously cares about her job and cares about people.  She should be commended, in fact ,she has been, is being commended via tens of million of  video views. And, all is well in suburbia!

Before posting up the video, allow me state, while we respect the views of the cop, we also know and remain in another world of realism regarding cop abuse, blue codes, and disparate prosecution of cop abuse, if any prosecution ensues. 

We will also state without equivocation, the contempt we hold for people who indiscriminate hunt cops or without any reason harm cops. 

The viral video

Thursday, September 3, 2015
I may get in trouble for doing this video but I needed to speak out about all these things that are happening to my PD family. Please feel free and SHARE MY VIDEO  allow it to go Viral. SHARE SHARE SHARE let my voice be heard for all of us.
 Posted by Name Deleted on Thursday, September 3, 2015 
 Miami-Dade Cop broadcast a wonderful message: 'All Lives Matter'        
The video is a real American "hero" tear jerker, eh? Also a poignant message.  She makes a great case about her (D Family (AKA Police Department Family). But, there is a problem once we accept that "All Lives Matter." Once we settle-in for the feel good slogan, we become comfortable in ignoring the ;the reality of unequal abuser from police. The problem is clear, ever-present and increasing instances of police brutality. Brutality that has been an issue in minority communities for decades, but has been highlighted in reality via the video camera.  The woman cop labored to express concern with the dangers of her job and that of her "PD" Family. The "PD Family" like the victims of cop abuse, cannot easily lump into a "we all" video. No, Florida Police woman... "all cops" do not sure that special caring and one needs to spend only minutes on a Google search to find shortcomings of "All Live Matter." 

RACISM alert! Acting NYPD officers say quotas against Black & Latinos are real and take action against fellow cops
Posted by In the NOW on Friday, September 4, 2015
The Daily Mail UK: South Carolina back shooting 
California COP beating woman on highway 
John Crawford Wal Mart killing by co after false report from a felon. Crawford had left the Wal Mart Gaming Dept. and went to the firearms dept. He made the egregious mistake of holding a toy gun while black. His last words before a summary execution, "It's not real." 
Eric Garner choked to death
South Carolina Trooper demands license an then shoots motorist when he complies. 

As stated above, of course "All Lives Matter"   

America is forever seeking :The Hero." 

America also seeks to 'whitesplain" itself away from any prospect of social malcontent as a resulting from overwhelming evidence of cop abuse in certain communities. 

Why no "All Lives Matter" counter cry before rampant video evidence of abuse against black people? Where were the millions who are viewing the Miami cop video as video of over-the-top cop abuse proliferated across social media? Martin O'Malley a few weeks back made the ill-advised retort to chants of "Black Lives Matter" with reference to "White Lives Matter." Well, yes Democrat candidate who will never win the nomination, white lives also matter and so does all lives, but we do not have evidence of increasing cop abuse in white communities.

The end-of-the-day reason for this post is the latest case of racist cop with authority to kill an black person with whom he interacts and a person who will receive the benefit of the US Justice system once he abuses the "monkey."

Now follow the police chief who obviously considers black people an inferior species ad objects of his racism. Fortunately, some of his officer cohorts and employees did not agree.

Talking Points Memo, TPM LIVE

“Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”


An Oregon police chief retired this week after members of his own force accused of him of making “openly racist” remarks while on duty, local TV station KOIN reported Sunday.

KOIN reported that Clatskanie Police Chief Marvin Hoover was placed on administrative leave after another officer filed a complaint against him in early August for allegedly responding to an accusation of racism by making monkey noises and singing “Dixie." Hoover then retired this week, according to Clatskanie Mayor Diane Pohl.


Hoover allegedly “placed his hands in his armpits and began scratching them” while "making loud monkey sounds,” Stone wrote. He added that the police chief's “openly racist” behavior made him “extremely uncomfortable”, but he continued with the briefing. Hoover then allegedly started singing the words to "Dixie" while pantomiming a beating, according to the complaint:
“While making a punching motion, Chief Hoover held his left hand in front of him in a gripping motion, as if he was holding a person by the shirt collar. In addition, while singing the words 'look away' Chief Hoover moved his head back-and-forth to his left and right as if he was looking over his shoulder."


Is it possible to hold-up the fact, Hoover was turned-in by his employees and peers, evidence of the Miami video cops appropriateness? Actually, her video (while heartfelt with a backdrop of her immediate family) is apropos, it is laced with far too many "we" examples that seem to denote all cops are innocent taxpayer funded enforcement officials.  

The video strikes a good nerve with millions across the United States in a manner similar to Donald Trump's reception from millions across the nation. People are seeking feel good remedies that suit their paradigms without regard for the reality of cop abuse and deaths in other communities. As long as officer Jim is around to assist their elderly neighbor across the street or the officer is a fixture at the local eatery (I did not keyboard DUNKIN DONUTS), all is well with the video feel gooders.

Others due to their lives after birth have to be much more mindful of the Chief Hoover's in blue or black. 

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