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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

GOP 2016: Trump Flim-Flammed?

"There's a sucker born every minute." David Hannum in criticism of PT. Barnum.

Late latest week Rachel Maddow (crack) research team turn-in a gem. A gem of real journalism that hasn't been duplicated by other media nor other cable news hosts, including MSNBC.  We reported on the story with Maddow's previous piece as core to Trumps possible publicity "screw-up."

Donald Trumps day before the second GOP debate included an appearance at a much touted foreign policy event. The event was staged on the US Iowa (mouth-balled battleship) and has turned into an event for the ages.  It seems the king of carnival barkers has been bitten by an even slicker character who drew Trump into his (carnival) tent and after the show has figuratively disappeared into obscurity. The prospect brings forth questions of competency. Is it possible the master deal-maker and big deal guy, failed to perform any level of pre-event research and due diligence regarding an organization that may have fraudulently collected money under the guise of support for US Veterans? Was Trump duped?

Fireshot Screen Capture-Words, The Pardu

On last night's show Maddow again visited the possible scam. Further probes have yielded telling information about the flim-flam man while exposing a major flaw the Trump camp and the King of the Carnival (Trump). Maddow's piece offers a few major walk-aways, but one stands well beyond the others. Why didn't the master deal-maker and his alleged cadre of deep investigators use common curiosity and critical thinking against the developing scam? 

As you view the following Maddow segment, think of Trump:
  • the deal-maker
  • as on Oval Office adversary Vladimir Putin,
  • Trump inviting people like the Flim-Flam" Man into White House events.

While we admit it is at times to avoid rip-off attempts. We only have to pay attention to the various security software each and every one of us have installed on our computers (desktop, handheld or laptop), to know the ever-present danger of potential scammers. The billionaire must surely have learned the art of defense against rip-offs and potential flim-flam artist who lurk around every corner and who possibly sits on the other end of a phone call. How could Trump fail to use common sense and good business practice to avoid a veritable crook like the CE of Veterans for a Strong America?
We will leave the ultimate assessment of Trump as a bloviating carnival barker to individual perception.  Yet, we question Trump's acumen in surrounding himself with competent campaign managers, critical thinkers and situation avoidance specialist who could assist in avoiding the deep dupe of flam-flam artist. On international level, such weakness could prove detrimental to the nation.

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