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Friday, September 25, 2015

GOP 2016: Trump Upset With CNN. Will He Boycott or Demand an Apology?

No African-American in attendance, cameras rolling and the subsequent billionaire whines.

Of course, when you saw the images below you had to know it would lead to another childish whine from Donald Trump about the scope and breadth of news reporting.  Yet, this episode of "everybody is picking on me" silliness from the billionaire (king) illustrates the extent of his problems with reality, honesty and failure to self-assess. 

Self-assessment is a signed of a well rounded mind and it offers an opportunity for personal improvement. We as humans can certainly ignore the reality of the world around us, but when we ignore reality and take our false perception to the point of outright, there exists a serious problem. The previous points are irrefutable. If we factor-in the added dynamic of video validation of the (real) world falsely portrayed by the wanton liar, it provides total validation of a mind and psyche that should never have reached beyond the billionaires life bubble.    

Donald Trump is showing anyone rational enough to pay attention the extent to which he lives in a world without resemblance to any with which we are familiar.  A world that lacks self-perception and a false world molded by the opportunity, clout and inclination to use the lie for expedience and a world view. 

Trump's campaign team apparently sought an opportunity to fill a room with African-Americans via booking a town hall at a Black Chamber of Commerce in South Carolina. Why South Carolina? (excuse the momentary digression). The event yielded very few black people and appeared to draw a predominantly white audience of high-end baby boomers. By nature of the audience demographics, I assert not one of the whites in attendance would show-up at a Black Chamber event even if attendees were promised $50 dollars at the door. The planned event embarrassingly failed.

With the unavoidable reality of ever-present cameras and at least one noted cable news reporter, the consummate carnival barker went to work with full whine, full narcissism and outright lies (verifiable via unedited video).

After the images below visit with CNN's Anderson Cooper AC360.

Politico /Photos

Randi Kaye at the Trump Event

Even more amazing is the reality of malcontent from GOP rank and file regarding the 14 to 15 candidates who are vying for ht 2016 nomination. It isn't possible to overlook such malcontent by simply laying Trumps popularity to his celebrity. The party and America conservatives have a constituency that embodies Trump's full aura (with all foibles) and his total showbiz being. An aura that is laced with bigotry, misogyny, racism and typical Top .001% uber wealthy loftiness. 

He may very well demand the television-like audiences and he may stand as a desirable opposite of the GOP 2016 field of hopefuls, but he fails in drawing measurable numbers of sycophants from the black community.

If the town hall setting didn't work at illustrating my point, I offer another example.

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