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Thursday, September 17, 2015

GOP Debate II: Substance Please?


As I sat through half-listening and fleeting viewing of the  last night's GOP debate, I suffered a reoccurring phenomenon. My mind reverted to a time when life was much different than today and we actually found substance in political debates.

My mind went here: 

Of course, we shouldn't expect substance as it is the antithesis of one Donald Trump. But, we should wonder when the GOP and loving conservatives will give-up on the Trump reality show, and move to potentially serious campaigning. 

On another note, how about all of the addressing Trump as "Mr." Trump? I have yet to hear one media talking head, one pundit, nor one party leader refer to other prospect as Mr. or Ms.  As long as all coverage is in the realm of "star worship" there will be no "beef."

Yet, there was plenty of Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.  

It is hard to fathom why CNN would structure a 3 hour debate with the full extent of making it a Donald Trump Show. We realize Trump is the GOP front runner in the early stages of the primary run, but seeking Trump silliness and guiding the debate from a Trump foundation is unbelievable. Why bother with co-moderators Dana Bash and Hugh Hewitt when Jake Tapper led the circus through all three circus tent (segments)?  I only recall Bash asking a couple of questions and Hewitt spent more time groveling to Trump (based on his ill-fated interview and subsequent thrashing by Trump) than actually adding substantive value to the debate.

 Are Republicans serious about this guy?

More Trump from CNN.  

The network is milking Trumps inane appeal to reality show worship and billionaire sycophancy to the maximum. CNN has even posted  a best Trump "zingers" video.

CNN debate Donald Trump zingers election 2016

Debate time anyone?

Despite Chris Christie typically non-credible claim of only seven minutes in question and response time, he gar \nerd moderately more time.  Can these people tell any truths?

Earlier today Carol Costello and Brian Steltar spent two plus minutes of post debate Trump advertisements via commenting on debate talk time. What is the relevance of showing such if CNN's Jake Tapper guided so much of the interview towards Trumps circus act over the past few weeks?

Does CNN's quest for "the fight" actually feed the Trump circus?

Debate Side Lights of note

The following link and comment from John Nichols regarding the Wisconsin wonder (Scott Walker) is point-on. 

As the circus came to an excruciating end (3 hours without two serious question about positions on the US economy), CNN moved to reality show silly time: one word about themselves?"

As I watched this interchange, I recall GOP candidates using rock music as entry anthems and being told my most to cease and desist. They really do not understand there is nothing et al about the GOP and American conservatism. In fact, I doubt one of the 500 in attendance would dare go here with a social demonstration.

Jeb Bush Donald Trump high five

CNN Fact Check and Reality Check (2:37 minutes)

Gop Debate fact-checking foreman

Politico analyses of  certain of the 15 candidate statements Politico "Wrong Meter."

The Utter Ridiculous

"....He Kept Us Safe!"

Well, No Jeb! "Keeping us safe" would have meant paying close attention to US INTEL delivered three weeks before the 9/11 attack.  And, he damned sure didn't keep us safe regarding his Great Recession. 

Talking Points Memo on  "Kept us safe." 

" (Fiorina)....has a beautiful face and that she's a beautiful woman."

Well, now why lie with such syrupy patronizing and condescending remarks. Fiorina know she is not a beautiful face and deep down she doesn't want to be a beautiful inner person (No CEO or former CEO can claim such). Yet, Trump reaches into his grade school bag of tracks for childish manifestation of his psyche and think process to fix a previous temper fit. Ultimately, Trumps reaches into surface assess of people based on looks is obviously not accompanied by good use of his personal mirrors.

A Retort From Bernie Sanders

If you want "neat", we offer a Twitter debate retort series from the Bernie Sanders camp (we suppose it is legit). We make no premise the tweets are actually from the Democrat party (Independent) candidate, yet the Twitter video is time well spent.

Bernie Sanders won Twitter tonight #GOPDebate— NowThis (@nowthisnews) September 17, 2015

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